Deepika Padukone: Do we focus on actor's crotch when he makes public appearance?

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Sep 19, 2014 13:20 IST

Deepika Padukone has had the last word on the 'cleavage row'. Days after the actor wrote a tweet against a 'news' item focusing on her cleavage, lot of social commentators questioned how it was different from Bollywood's commodification of women.



has answered all those questions in a Facebook post. The Happy New Year actor writes, "I am not naive about my own profession; it is one that requires lots of demanding things of me. A character may demand that I be clothed from head to toe or be completely naked, and it will be my choice as an actor whether or not I take either. Understand that this is a ROLE and not REAL, and it is my job to portray whatever character I choose to play convincingly."

She puts it all in perspective by saying, "There is only ONE sign that a woman wants to have sex and that is that she says "YES"."

She then goes on to explain that she responded to the 'news item' as India is going through a change where gender equations are in focus. "I have spoken out against an ideology that such regressive tactics are still being employed to draw a reader's attention at a time when we are striving for women's equality and empowerment. In a time where women should be applauded for making headway in a male-dominated society, we blur the lines between REEL and REAL life."

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Addressing how the use of an inadvertent 'top view' image of hers is different from highlighting Shah Rukh Khan's six-pack abs, she again highlights the difference between real and reel.

"I have no issue celebrating my body and I have never shied away from anything on-screen to portray a character. In fact my next character portrayed is a bar dancer (sorry Farah for the spoiler!) who titillates men as a means to support her livelihood. My issue is you propagating the objectification of a REAL person, and not a character being played. Sure, dissect my characters if you wish-if it is of so much interest then discuss the character's cup size and leg length if it is relevant to making the role convincing. All I am asking for is respect as a woman off-screen."

Calling it her 'last word' on the topic, she asks why men are never objectified in the same manner. "Are we not human? Yes we marvel, envy and drool over a male actors 8pack abs in a film, but do we zoom in on the man's 'crotch' when he makes a public appearance and make that 'cheap headlines?"

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