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Details of Prince Harry’s nude Las Vegas party revealed

entertainment Updated: Aug 24, 2012 19:35 IST
Prince Harry

Prince Harry he was the first person to whip off his swimming shorts in front of almost 15 women during his recent Las Vegas bash in 5,000 pounds-a-night hotel suite last Friday, it has been revealed.

According to a source, the 27-year-old royal later disappeared with the pretty blonde playmate who was pictured naked with him.

Another photo at the party shows him covering his crown jewels with his hands.

Both snaps have been seen by millions of people around the world.

“When we got to the room, Prince Harry was already there. There were about 25 people in total - at least 15 girls,” the Sun quoted a partygoer as saying.

“There is a beautiful billiards room in the suite. One of the guys said, ‘I’ve an idea. Let’s spice up a game of pool’. Harry said, ‘Let’s f****** do it!’ That was what jump-started the party.

“The rules were, if you potted the ball, you got to go again. If you missed, you took a piece of clothing off. Harry pulled that girl up to play with him. She had her eyes on Harry, so she was going to do anything.

“He was helping her hold the cue. He was very attentive and hands-on, showing her how to do it. He only had eyes for her. She was blonde and petite. She was definitely someone he met for the first time that night.

“He went first and was just in his swimming shorts - he didn’t have any underwear on. So he got naked straight away. His friends gave him a hard time about being naked. This was around 4am. Everybody was watching when he took his clothes off. It was exciting for the girls. He was in great shape. I’m not a redhead fan but he was hot.

“The girl missed her shot and took her dress off. Then she shot again and took her bra off. Later they put their clothes back on, because the game was over. They sat on the couch together, talking, and he offered her a beer.

“He had his eyes set on her from the start. He was very into her. She was giddy to be in the company of the Prince and he was flirting with her.

“I don’t know where they went but they disappeared at the same time at the end of the night. It was about 5.30am. Most people had gone to bed,” she said.

An insider revealed that four men and two girls played strip pool while the rest looked on.

One of the girls pulled out without removing any clothes at all.

“No one asked for our phones or anything about us when we arrived at the party. It was obvious people were taking pictures,” the witness said.

The source, who does not want to be named, recalled that Harry was excited at the prospect of meeting pop superstar Jennifer Lopez the next day.

“He loves Vegas. He said, ‘I always have a f****** good time. Look at this room’. It was a two-floor suite with at least three bedrooms and an amazing view,” she said.

“There was music, lots of noise and excitement. He was very friendly. There was no mention of him being a prince. He was up for whatever was going to happen that night. Harry also knew Jennifer Lopez was in town. He said, ‘I’m going to party with J-Lo.’ He was back by the pool to party again five hours after we left him,” she said.

The partygoer and pals spotted the royal and his group at Surrender nightclub in the posh Wynn hotel. Harry was staying at an exclusive area of the hotel complex, the Encore Tower Suites.

“We thought he looked hot. We wanted to get closer but couldn’t as he was very well guarded. Everyone was dancing and we became friendly with one of his friends. In the early hours we were invited up to the room,” she added.