Directing Harishcandrachi Factory

Harishchandrachi FactoryDebutant director Paresh Mokashi has had a great journey from theatre to film making. He shares his experience with Srishti Jha on world cinema, the art of direction and Phalke.

How do you identify with the whole idea of world cinema?
World cinema is a colossal podium. All I can say is that my exposure to what we categorize as world cinema has made me what I am today. No course or any acting or directing school has made me what I am. I am a part of what I have seen so far. I learnt things when I became a part of them, worked on them. It has made me more mature, and closer to my ideas.

How was it working on the whole idea of Harishchandrachi Factory and most importantly Phalke?
It was a funny, outrageous, and a lovely experience all in all. There was a lot of similarity I found between me and Phalke. I could just relate to the character very well. I would put it like crazy similarities. I have been experimenting with the ideas of vivid yet atypical humor. So my ideas got very well reflected in my movie which I wanted the most from it.

How was the journey from theatre to cinema?
Stubbornness was one common quality. You need to be absolutely clear about your ideas. There has to be a certain style of yours which defines the kind of cinema you make. I had certain thoughts regarding my kind of direction and I wedged to it throughout my journey so far.

What are we getting next from you?
As of now actually nothing. I want things to settle down in terms of Harishchandrachi Factory. I am still waiting for my box office release which will take three to four months. Let's see how things take place after that. Right now I am just enjoying my debut film.

What is closer to you, Paresh the actor or Paresh the director?
It has to be Paresh the writer/ director. My writing and direction established me. I left acting long back because to me it was a much more difficult process. I wasn't at ease with the whole idea of acting. I realised that I was happier with behind the camera work.

Why did you take up the idea of instigation of silent motion pictures?
It's mainly the idea of India's first feature film and Phalke's role in the whole process. We knew of him in terms of general knowledge and biographies. I wanted to show him in a different light. It should not just be limited to General knowledge. People should know the history to it and the whole journey of it. I made this film so that the modern age audience should also connect with the character and the whole idea of silent motion pictures.

Which genre would you like to try as a filmmaker next?
I would like to try as many as I can. All kinds of movies I would love to make and would love to add on to the whole cinematic experience.


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