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Don’t do this next year

Here are some shocking after-party scenes at the New Year’s Eve bashes. Can Delhi hold its drinks?

entertainment Updated: Jan 02, 2010 20:12 IST
Himadree Himadree Himadree

Drunken brawls, throwing up on the dance floor, girls and guys, with their clothes falling off, being escorted out of nightclubs as they are too intoxicated to walk. Parties in Delhi may be high on glam, but the after-party scene in Delhi is nothing short of shocking. These photographs, taken after the New Year’s Eve bash at a popular Delhi night club, are a stark image of the embarrassing condition some youngsters left the party in. And this, nightclub owners tell HT City, is a common sight after most big bashes.

“It’s a comical sight, people are drunk and lying all over the place, on the sofas on the floor… they mix their drinks so much that they have to be taken to the washroom to throw up and most of the time they fall asleep there” says Deepali Narula, CEO of F Bar “Some people puke uncontrollably all over the floor, fall all over each other, stand on the bar and think they’re cool, pass lewd comments on girls and dance so badly they make jackasses of themselves, especially on New Year’s eve,” says Sohrab Sitaram of Tabula Rasa.

An official from a five star hotel reveals, “We appoint special staff to take care of such people who pass out in the lobby, as it gets embarrassing for the hotel and other guests. We have to eventually forcibly throw them out of our premises sometimes. But we try to arrange for cabs to drop the women home, as their safety is a concern”

It’s not just the restaurateurs and guests who are embarassed. Friends who accompany those who can’t hold their drink are usually left red in the face. Ankur Sharma, 25, says, “One of the boys tried to climb a statue that was on display, it was humiliating for all his friends. The manager had to pull him off and throw them out.” Vineeta Mohan, 22, recalls, “Last New Year’s Eve I was so drunk, when I woke up I was in some corner of the hotel, my clothes were all over the place, thank god I was safe. This time I had just one drink.”