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Don’t look behind

entertainment Updated: Feb 08, 2011 13:12 IST
Avinash Bali
Avinash Bali
Hindustan Times
Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 is a survival horror game that allows you to dismember, stomp and eviscerate the enemy in gruesome ways that would give the weak-hearted nightmares. It treads the line between horror and action with such flair that it would do Stephen King proud.

The events in this sequel take place on an enormous space station called the Sprawl nearly three years after the first game. The protagonist Isaac Clarke finds himself on the Sprawl, but his traumatic experience aboard the Ishimura (in the first game) has messed him up for good. His memory is failing and he’s constantly haunted by the images of his girlfriend he couldn’t save. This gives way to psychosis where Isaac has trouble differentiating fiction and reality. If that isn’t bad enough, another Necromorph infestation breaks out making Isaac fight for survival again.

You are treated to tons of environmental variety that the first game lacked. Gameplay-wise, you’ll still have to move from Point A to B killing anything and everything that crosses your path. However, exploration is encouraged and allows you to come across money, ammunition and audio logs that provide backdrop to the story.

Newer gameplay mechanics such as the ability to navigate and fight in space have been introduced. Also, Isaac now lives up to his Engineer status and has to fix and hack a lot of stuff.

Upgrade stations spread out across the Sprawl let you improve weapon attributes like damage and reload speed. Killing enemies and looking around will grant you currency that can be used to fetch newer weapons, health packs and better suits.

Player versus player
Multiplayer pits humans against Necromorphs in a series of objective-based maps. The soldiers wield weapons from the campaign while the Necromorphs employ projectile attacks and/or melee combat. Racking up kills and generally playing well allows for newer armour and weapons.

Visually, Dead Space 2is stunning. Blood and gore are an integral part of this franchise and this game features more of that than any other recent game. Voice acting is good and Isaac is no longer mute. He expresses fear, anguish and rage like a normal person would under similar circumstances.

Dead Space 2 is not for everyone. It’s unrelenting, violent, gory and downright creepy. It does a great job of immersing players in its twisted world. Just when you can’t take it any more, serious firepower encourages you to go savage on your enemies.

Besides the rather hefty twelve-hour single player campaign, the multiplayer mechanic increases the game’s playability. Whichever way you look at it, Dead Space 2 is a solid game that provides ample bang for your buck.