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Early morning woes

entertainment Updated: Oct 18, 2010 15:39 IST
Mista D
Mista D
Hindustan Times

The basic premise of our profession (modelling/acting) is skewed. We have nothing to govern ourselves except our moral fibre, and that’s why it becomes a tad bit more difficult for us to lead a structured life.

People’s lives are governed by the fact that they work. Whether it’s something they like to do or not, it automatically brings a sense of order to their lives. They have to do certain things, because that’s what they are expected to do.

Getting up early in the morning, for example. It’s been a battle ever since I came here. For most of us, it becomes a routine to wake up late. I dare you to find any model / actor, whose life begins when the birds first start chirping.

I’ve always believed that getting up early and leading a structured life keeps you sane and gives you a better perspective to deal with things. But somehow, since I’ve got here, I’ve given into the ‘seeming’ pleasure of late nights and even later mornings.

It’s not like I am a party animal! I just can’t sleep early in the night. In fact, those who read my articles regularly, would know that I run away from parties like people run away from RGV’s films these days.

I’ve tried all the techniques in the book to get to bed early and it’s been a very difficult battle till now. I’ve tried shutting myself in a dark room. I’ve eaten my food early so that I get lazy and flop out; I’ve tried fragrances which put you to sleep; I’ve tried reading myself to sleep, counting sheep and counting the number of movies that the Bhatt camp has copied. I’ve even tried taking melatonin tablets (a sleep inducing hormone given to jet-lagged people). But nothing seems to work.

My mind just can’t comprehend the fact that getting up early would be healthy not only for me but for my profession too. Even on the odd day when I do go to sleep by 12:30 am, my body rejects the notion outright the next morning.

That was, until today, when I purposely delayed sending this column till the last minute. I slept at 3 am yesterday night, but my mind and body were up and running at 7:30 in the morning. Why? Because I had a deadline. I guess I need more deadlines in my life like this one!

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