Even stars have troubles: Anne Hathaway says people tell her she isn't sexy

  • IANS, Los Angeles
  • Updated: Oct 11, 2014 17:10 IST

Actor Anne Hathaway says her career has been a struggle because directors don't think she can play certain parts, including 'sexy' roles.

The Les Miserables star has enjoyed huge career success, but she admits it hasn't been easy.

"Even though I've had great success, touchwood, it hasn't been easy. A lot of people have told me, 'You're not this and so can't play that,' and I can't tell you the amount of times I've been told I'm not sexy," contactmusic.com quoted the 31-year-old as saying.

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She feels she's been daring enough to try on different parts.

"I just go, 'I'm a lot of things. Just because I don't wear my sexiness overtly doesn't mean that I can't become that girl for a role. That's what I do; I become things. Use your imagination, buddy.'

"So in terms of not listening to what other people told me about who I was as an actress and then really pursuing it, I think I've been daring in that way," Hathaway added.

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