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Fashion through the ages

entertainment Updated: Oct 21, 2010 14:14 IST
Genelia D’souza

What is the one thing that is enough to put any woman in a tizzy — the one thing that can drive her mad with rage, insane with passion and blindingly in love? Nope, it’s not the perfect man – there’s no such thing as that! *Wicked laughter* It’s FASHION. Fashion has the capacity to incapacitate a woman with a single faux pas or the ability to make a woman rise with a single accessory. I have never been obsessed with fashion and its demands, but I have to admit: the lure of being fashionable is inescapable.

I have spent hours pondering about the fashion rules for this season and how I can make a statement. It’s true that trends keep changing all the time, but it’s also true that trends come a full circle, and what was passé then, will most definitely be the next IT thing this season. Think about it!

The 60s

— the Hippy Decade — was all about breaking tradition and bringing together a lot of trends. The 60s were the decade of the classic hippy uniform — bell bottoms and batik prints. Bikinis, mini-skirts, polka dots, skinny jeans and the French manicure all belong to the 60s, and they are still in fashion. So are ‘peace’, ‘love’ and ‘freedom’ – the three monikers of the Hippy Decade.

Genelia D'souza The 70s

— the Disco Decade — brought platform shoes, halter necks, zippered jumpsuits and spaghetti straps on the style radar and these are very much the flavour of 2010, too. Jumpsuits have saved me from many a casual event and platform shoes can jazz up even the simplest summer dress.

The 80s

— the Cheerleader Decade — is my self-confessed favourite. Despite being born much later, I’ve been hooked on to this phase in fashion for a long time. Headbands, leg warmers, lace and leggings — pure fashion magic! The 80s also brought about the short, bolero-styled jackets that end up covering our sexy tubed dresses even now. The era of ‘casual’ began in the 80s and is definitely here to stay.

The 90s

was MY TIME! I ripped my jeans (blame teenage angst!) or cut up faded jeans to make them into shorts. I was a monster when you’d put me in a room with a cutter and denims. It was all about expressing yourself through your clothes and making sure you alter what was a factory product just so you could stand out. That’s why an oversized sweatshirt was cropped unevenly or a loose tee was knotted and then tied to the side.


is for the confused souls! Jeggings — are they jeans or are they denims? Dresses are getting shorter and tee-shirts are getting longer. Skirts flare out at the hips and shorts have lace on the edges. For me, my skinny jeans, gladiator shoes and shades save my life, day after day. Whew! Peace out!

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