Fatherhood made me feel like a garage worker: Channing Tatum

  • IANS, Los Angeles
  • Updated: Feb 07, 2015 15:02 IST

Hollywood actor Channing Tatum has said he felt more like a garage worker changing a tyre than a father when he first became a parent.

His wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum gave birth to the couple's first daughter Everly in May 2013, but Tatum didn't find his role as a dad much "fun" during the youngster's first year, saying he felt more like an "assistant".

"The only thing that guys can really do in the beginning is just be assistants, like, 'Diaper? Give it to me - got it'. And it's like doing a tyre change during a NASCAR race. You do it, then you just hand her back. For the first year, that's pretty much all guys are - they are just assistants," he told dailymail.co.uk.

But now that his daughter is 20 months old, beginning to walk and talk, he's in a much happier place.

"Now it's starting to get fun. Everly's starting to say 'Dada' and really recognise me. She's also starting to walk and everything, so it's getting really cool," the actor added.

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