George Clooney's future ma-in-law feels daughter could have done better

  • ANI, London
  • Updated: Jul 08, 2014 15:37 IST

Amal Alamuddin's mother Baria has reportedly objected to her daughter's decision to wed George Clooney as he's not a Druze Muslim.

An insider close to Alamuddin's family said that one would think the human rights lawyer has hit the jackpot with Clooney, but Baria was not happy because Clooney was not a Druze Muslim, the sect that Alamuddin was born into in Lebanon, the Mirror reported.

The source added that Alamuddin's mum thought that her daughter could do better.

Coming from the Druze sect, her family's beliefs forbid her to marry outsiders, which often results in excommunication and a social boycott.

"She thinks Amal can do better," the source added. "She has been telling half of Beirut, in fact anyone that will listen, there are 500,000 Druze. Are none of them good enough for her?"

Meanwhile, Clooney tried to charm his future mother-in-law during a vacation at his Lake Como property.

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