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Girls get a GUY PAL!

entertainment Updated: Feb 05, 2010 01:06 IST

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come for us to jump into another exciting edition of the ‘Sister Series’. I’m opening my Pandora’s Box of ‘girlie wisdom’ on a must have in every girls collection of friends... yes... the GUY PAL!

Blasphemy I hear you say... a man in a sacred female bond? NEVER! Trust me ladies, this is a very important addition that you’ll make to your lives (if you haven’t already). I know you have questions. Who is this man? Where does one find him? What will he do for us sisters! Be patient, I have the answers!

The GUY PAL is actually the Antithesis of the GAL PAL... and that single fact is what makes him special. I discovered this in early in life. There was this guy and we connected as friends somehow and we seemed to enjoy each other’s company enough to hang out over cold coffee and burgers. It was these conversations that I opened my eyes to the power of the GUY PAL. Simply put, he opened me to another dimension and showed me a side to things I couldn’t fathom!

As mysteriously romantic as it is sounds right now, my Guy Pal (now extended to more than one) was figuratively my knight in shining armour... tackling all my problems from food and holidays to advice on men, careers and which gadget to buy! In reality, he was a normal guy and did all those mind-boggling ‘Man’ things that most guys do! The only difference was that since we were friends and he was protective of me, he was readily available to help me through the potholes of life! Here are some positives of having a GUY PAL in your life:
He’s your window to the other world. He’ll give you a guy’s perspective on everything from love and men to careers and politics. It helps to see how the other side is thinking!

He’s a protector and an equally good substitute — he’ll protect you from the unsavoury elements out there and can also stand in as your ‘date’ for high school reunion.

He’ll fill you in on the gossip from the male species!Masalastuff, I guarantee!

He’ll help you set up all the cool gadgets you bought, personally show you how to use them. And if they ever break down, he’ll even come to fix it!

He will be your shoulder to cry on when a guy breaks your heart and will most often be the first to put his fist in the face of the same man who dared to make you cry!

The list of his attributes is endless and much like your gang of girls, he will also enrich your life in more ways than one. Needless to say, you will be lucky to find yourself the ideal GUY PAL. I know I am!

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