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entertainment Updated: Sep 26, 2010 14:02 IST
Miss K

What makes one decide on a role? Russell Crowe bases his decision on the goosebumps while reading a script, while directors like Tarantino suggest that the chemistry the director shares with an actor can be more important than the script. “If they don’t get me,” asks Quentin, “how are they going to get the movie I’m trying to make?”… True.

I also agree on the goosebumps theory. When the story is inviting and the role is exciting, you hear that ping in your heart.

Playing a Punjabi kudi

Sunday night saw some glitz and glamour at a filmy party at Tote. I managed to catch up with a pretty popular starlet who a) remembered my name and b) remembered playing my sister for a scene during our private acting classes in the good ol’ days. While her mom decided to network with the directors at the party and made sure she did too, I chilled with my co-actor friends.

Amidst the blaring house music, I even managed to rehearse a scene for my movie audition the next day, in which I had to test for a Punjabi girl’s character. My actor friend added the necessary Punjabi tadka to my accent.

I hadn’t been so excited about an audition in a while and although it was a small part, the film is already making a splash. The director is a fabulous actor himself who’s directing his star son. After reading the scenes, not only did I hear the ping, but also played an entire game of ping pong in that space between my ears.

A salwar kameez, kada and a Sardar friend was all I needed to help perfect my Punjabi kudi look for the screen test, while my maid even plaited my hair for me. The audition was smooth. Vaahe Guru ki kripa se mujhe role mil jaye! Plenty of work

I turned down an audition for a bit role for an acclaimed banner. It was one scene with a new generation Khan, who meets his ex- girlfriend. The scene involved some implied vulgarity, which didn’t appeal to me.

I also attended the Lakme Fashion Week finale and went trigger happy with a camera for a show-stopping friend of mine on the ramp. Spotted in the front row was our very own Sunday HT star-columnist!

Play rehearsals with my new co-actor have been fulfilling as he’s slipped into the part in less than two weeks and being friends has definitely played its part.

Yoga seems to be opening up not just my ‘chakras’ but a whole lot of opportunities on the work front.

I managed to squeeze in plenty of ad auditions this week, and also got a call saying I’m already shortlisted for one. So here’s to some great ads and an even greater Punjaban movie role…Chak de phatte!

I had a shoot day before, where I didn’t succumb to eating the oily set food. I just shook up my protein shake and munched on an apple instead.
Lead matters

I warded off ‘visarjan’ traffic to make it to various auditions for ads and three films too! Two of them turned out to be pretty shady. I have a big banner film audition this Sunday. It’s for a supporting role, which I guess is better than a lead in a shady film. So wish me luck!

I also have a filmy dinner to attend tonight. Will give you the score next week.

Till then, eat healthy! Don’t be a daabeli!

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