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Gossip corner: Give pizzas a chance

Emraan Hashmi doesn’t know how to order from the menu, and is always being served pizzas, pizzas and more pizzas

entertainment Updated: Jan 12, 2009 14:13 IST your daily dose of gossips with Honey. She writes on the glamour world and the spicy scandals of Bollywood celebs

Manali chalo

Hello, hello, my Madeira cakes. How goes it? How goes it? Spent my Christmas eve quietly (no, actually make that very, very noisily), hanging on to my ears which nearly shattered.

Not by the Ghajini sound remix sillies, but by the blood-curdling screams let out by my research assistant Dimwit Mirza.. all because Madhu my Mottu Maid wants her to leave, and had thrown her luggage out of the window. Dimwit smokes too many ciggies you see, and that’s just not done. Will leave the two to their own punch-a-tantra.

Anyway, have to report to you that Priyanka Chopra has winged off to Manali to spend Christmas and New Year with the family. Her family, not Harman Baweja’s. She’s staying at some place called Johnson’s which I thought was actually a baby talc powder. Uh, never mind.

Johnson’s is now packed with star gazers it seems, and there’s no room to spare. Which means PC is staying strictly indoors and spending long hours on the phone talking to Harman and blue teddy bear. Both Harman and teddy are in Bombay only. PC could have phone-talked from her Versova home too.. but then don’t ask for logic or realism ya. Our gal’s in Manali.. so just de taali.. or whatever.

Aao twist karen
Trust Vaziran bua to hang out at the Enigma disco and return with info about senior stars. Aditya Panscholi, she swears, was dancing very close and all that (she made sound effects which I won’t print here) with a nubile girl wearing a body hugging gold outfit.

The gal kept hiding her face.. but something tells me that with Panscholi’s good offices, Goldie Gal will be making a debut in a Bhatt movie very soon. Phir aayega mazaa no? As the Kangana Ranaut’s movie posters say.. the mystery continues.

Moan vrat
Hee da hee. I’m sooo glad that Mottu wasn’t on this chartered flight to a small town in U P. Seems an entertainment programme was organised by Sir Amar Singh. And the entertainers (contradiction in terms but still) included Sameera Reddy, Shama Sikandar (I’m not even asking.. who’s she?), Anjana Sukhani (name sounds thodasa familiar.. but even Dimwit Chimney can’t place her) and Sophie Chaudhry who was once dating a producer type’s son.. and is still to recover from the trauma.

Yes, so Sameera, Shama, Anjana and Sophie were all on this plane but refused to even make polite conversation with each other. They danced for the small townies and returned the next day, this time even without exchanging unpleasantries.

Really, if Mottu was there, she would have found out why the function stars were on a moan vrat. Mottu wants to.. but I’ve warned her not to.. am just so not interested. Eeesh.

Phantom’s for real
After months and years of conjecture, the mystery has been solved. Aditya Chopra does exist and isn’t just a figment of Rani Mukherji’s (or our) imagination.

He actually made a public appearance at the PVR cinema hall to meet Aamir Khan at a preview of Ghajini. No but he didn’t sign any autographs (because no one recognised him) and neither did he do any press interviews (because he didn’t recognise any journalist).

Now, now, I do wish and pray that Adi would realise that he’s working in a public medium. If he continues to play Phantom for any more time, he’ll also have to quit arguing with papa Yash Chopra.. which I believe has been happening pretty often nowadays. Tsk.

Give pizzas a chance
Honestly, I don’t know why Mottu has been tracking the second honeymoon of Emraan and Parveen Hashmi (that’s her on the left) in Hong Kong. He keeps feeding her information about his moves (heavens!) and the latest bulletin is that Emraan is facing language problems.

He doesn’t know how to order from the menu, and is always being served pizzas, pizzas and more pizzas. Next, Mottu will get me a bulletin that one of Emraan’s fans (!) kissed him in Hong Kong and his wife was very upset.

Can’t stop her really. So will just ban any more Emraan Hashmi items for 48 hours. Mottu’s pleading to reduce the time-span to 24 hours.. but then, such is life dearies.