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Guard your pet

Here are some smart ways to prevent your pet from being stolen and finding it if it gets lost.

entertainment Updated: Feb 22, 2011 00:58 IST
Namya Sinha

As a pet parent, especially those with dogs, the most frightening and heartbreaking thing that can happen is your dog getting lost or stolen. However, with a few precautions, this can now be easily prevented.

“It is necessary to tag your dogs. There have been instances when we have found dogs with just a collar, as a result of which we don’t get to know if it has been abandoned or is lost,” says Anuradha Dogra of SPCA Noida. “A small locket or a tag attached to the collar with a telephone number and the address of the owner helps a lot in finding the home of a lost dog,” she says.

Getting your pet microchipped is another way to locate lost dogs. It also helps when there is a dispute in the ownership of a dog.

“At the moment the most reliable place to get micro chips for your dogs is from the Kennel Club of India. Through microchipping, a unique code number is provided to the dog, the record of which is kept with owner and also fed in the database of the Kennel Club of India. A lost dog can be taken to any vet in the city and scanned to detect the microchip details . They can then get in touch with the Kennel Club of India and the owner can be identified,” says Aradhana Pandey of Doggy World who provides microchips authorised by the Kennel Club of India. “A micro chip costs Rs 250 along with Kennel Club of India papers. It is of the size of a rice grain and is inserted inside the body of the dog by the vet,” she says.

Owners are also suggested to get their dogs neutered and sterilised to avoid theft of pedigreed dogs, which are often targeted by breeders.
“Not only would neutering and sterilising keep away the breeders, it would also reduce the tendency of a male dog to escape in search of a female during the heat season, which often becomes the reason for dogs straying out and getting lost,” says Dogra.

Pet owners are also suggested to post pictures of their lost pets along with contact information on various websites and social
networking sites for animal shelters such as SPCA, Friendicoes etc. They can also put up pamphlets with details on it to be pasted in the locality, near vets and pet shops.

Prevent your pooch from getting away
Ensure that your pet wears a collar all the time. Tag the collars with your contact number or simply put a locket with your name and contact number on it. Dog lockets are available in various pet shops across the city. Some of the places where you can find them are: Windsor The Pet Shop (Tel: 24601191), Bittoo The Pet Shop ( Tel: 24698105), Heads up for tail (Tel: 9810045100).

Keep your dog on the leash when you take it for a walk so that it doesn’t stray away.

Microchip your dog. For more information about microchipping and ordering for one, contact 27942285.

Neuter and sterilise your dog.

Inform local animal shelters around the area in case your dog goes missing.

Post information on your lost dog on the websites of animal shelters and social networking sites.

Never leave the dog unattended when you are outside with it. That means, do not even leave them alone in the car or even leash them outside the house for even five minutes.