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How 12 Priyankas were created

Make-up whiz Rajesh Patil talks about how he went about creating the 12 different Priyanka Chopras in What’s Your Rashee?

entertainment Updated: Sep 29, 2009 18:00 IST

Zodiac characteristics: Logical, intellectual, immature.
Character’s look: Hair plaited with a slight fringe, sari, silver jewellery, small black bindi and brown lipstick.
Patil’s take: “For Chandrika, I opted for an Indo-western fusion look with smoky eyes. I had to keep it to a dot to suit Priyanka’s face.”

Zodiac characteristics: Assertive, impulsive humanitarian.
Character’s look: Loud make-up. Eyes defined with a thick streak of kohl and lots of mascara and bright red lipstick.
Patil’s take: “Anjali is a small town innocent who has no sense of style but believes that by wearing plenty of make-up and trendy jeans she can impress the NRI dude and book herself a ticket to the U S.”

Zodiac characteristics: Generous, proud, sometimes arrogant.
Character’s look: Fitting jeans, brown lenses, smoky eyes, hair with blonde streaks.
Patil’s take: “Since Mallika is a dancer and very glam, I decided to go for a subtle and sophisticated look. I gave her a bronzed look for a song.”

Cancer HANSA
Zodiac characteristics: Tenacious, sensitive, sometimes clinging.
Character’s look: Long hair falling straight, silk sari, pale base, soft pink lipstick, no liner but a little shiny, cream-based eye shadow.
Patil’s take: “Hansa is a simple, shy, desi girl so I opted for minimum make-up with only a hint of gloss around the eyes.”

Zodiac characteristics: Resourceful, thorough, sometimes indulgent.
Character’s look: “Candy pink lipstick, green contact lenses and sexy sari. Eyes underlined with black and slightly smudged.
Patil’s take: “Vishakha is a bubbly girl, who comes from old money—there’s a song shot with her in a Jaipur haveli — but is in tune with the times.

Gemini KAJAL
Zodiac characteristics: Imaginative, sensitive, sometimes impractical.
Character’s look: Long hair, mini skirt, navel-revealing top.
Patil’s take: “She is a fresh-faced, fun-loving girl who takes dance classes. Since she’s still a student, I kept her make-up soft, with only a dash of pink for the lips.”

Zodiac characteristics: Practical, efficient, sometimes over-critical.
Character look: Light mascara, black liner for the eyes, slightly smudged, light pink blush for cheekbones, light lipstick, black bindi, brown contacts, hair in a ponytail and salwar kameez.
Patil’s take: “Pooja is a doctor practicing in the village, so I went for simple and practical.”

Aquarius SANJNA
Zodiac characteristics: Kind, unconventional, sometimes detached.
Character’s look: Shoulder length hair, elegant wardrobe, subtle make-up.
Patil’s take: “This girl is a lot like the real Priyanka… Sinple, stylish, sophisticated. So I kept the base and lipstick soft, with a little eye make-up and no kohl.”

Zodiac characteristics: Cunning, ambitious, sometimes suspicious.
Character’s look: Sari with pallu covering her head, hair in tight braids, dark skin, puffy cheeks and minimum make-up with even lips left unpainted.
Patil’s take: “This was my biggest challenge. This look needed an extra hour because this village school girl spent a lot of time outdoors in the hot sun that left her deeply tanned. So I had to work on Priyanka’s skin to make it look four-five shades darker than normal. I also joined her eyebrows with a patch since Chandrika wouldn’t frequent beauty parlours. To make her cheeks look chubby, I put a pad of cotton inside.”

Sagittarius BHAVNA
Zodiac characteristics: Straightforward, intelligent, sometimes careless.
Character’s look: Wavy hair, brown tinted make-up.
Patil’s take: “She is like a jogan and that’s the reason her clothes are in shades of white and orange with a rudraksha mala and a tikka. The brown tinted make-up compliments the saffron in her wardrobe.”

Zodiac characteristics: Passionate, sensitive, sometimes obsessive
Character’s look: Nude look, no liner, no lipstick, hair bunched into a ponytail and pigmented skin.
Patil’s take: “Nandini is a simple girl who in her dreams transforms into a siren and takes off to Chicago. So, I needed to work on two distinct looks. For the dream girl I used silvery eye shadow.”

Zodiac characteristics: Cooperative, fair, sometimes indecisive.
Character’s look: Brown eye shadow for the eyes, light lipstick, lips not defined, a short, sleek cap of hair, transparent glares with brown-rimmed frames, western wear.
Patil’s take: “Rajni is classy, almost haughty so I kept make-up minimum and subtle to reflect an understated elegance.”