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How to choose the right aquarium heater

entertainment Updated: Aug 27, 2010 02:10 IST

If you have a fish tank at home, make sure you maintain the right temperature for the well-being of your fishes.

Here’s how:
Size matters: Determine the size of your fish tank. A big tank will need higher wattage. Mini-aquariums can do well with 25 watts and 36-inch aquariums need 200 watts. To make it simple, add five watts for every gallon of water in your aquarium.

Raise the temperature: Once you’ve determined the temperature your fish thrives best in, compare it to the room temperature, where the tank is situated. Find the difference between the two temperatures: a 9 degrees F and lower difference will require just a low-watt heater, while if there is a difference of more than 25 degrees F, you will need a higher-watt heater. Place one thermometer inside the tank and one outside to maintain the best temperature.

Immersible or submersible: An immersible heater lies above the aquarium's water line while the submersible can be placed completely underwater. The submersible style is more recommended, because it can effectively adjust to the water temperature.

Invisible heating: If you do not want the heater to be visible, opt for a substrate heater. It can be placed under the lining of the aquarium. Moreover, it can heat the water more evenly.

Filter heating: Consider using a filter heater. It is installed in the filter in the aquarium. The filter works by heating the water as it passes through.