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I am responsible for your death, Bollywood reacts post rape survivor's death

Bollywood reacts with rage at the death of the 23-year-old gang-rape victim.

entertainment Updated: Dec 30, 2012 14:40 IST

Bollywood reacts with rage at the death of the 23-year-old gang-rape victim

Anurag Basu
I am sorry. I am responsible for your death. I am a coward and I am selfish. I am insensitive and the saddest part is that I was waiting for you to sacrifice your life to change. I will never forgive myself. Never.

Sonakshi Sinha
Indians have failed miserably as a society. I hope that the anger and outrage doesn't lose steam because the reason for it is no more. Is the cost of bettering our society a young and innocent girl's life? This country better repay this debt in the form of justice.

Kangna Ranaut
I don't know how many lives it will take for our government to realise that common men and women are no different from them. Their lives and security are equally important. Right now it feels like as long as they have guards protecting them, nothing else matters.

As a mother of two girls, I am deeply hurt and disturbed by the death of the 23-year-old gang-rape victim. She has sacrificed her life for millions of Indian women.

Alia Bhatt
She fought till her last breath. She was a brave young girl who deserved more. This year is ending on a devastating note, but justice should be served. I am outraged and broken. She was so young. Many girls have been through incidents like this, sometimes in their own homes. I think the nation has one thing in common at the end of 2012 - rage and sorrow for the loss of India's daughter.

Subhash Ghai
I feel extremely sad at this tragedy. This young girl left us with a deep awakening. We have to do a lot at all levels to build our society and nation so that there is more human dignity and national character. We deserve to live without any fear in our own country.

Shoojit Sircar
I really feel extremely disappointed. This is disgusting. Rapes have been happening for ages, but if this case can give some conscience to the people of the country, I will be grateful to this brave girl. This is not the time to play politics. The attitude needs to be changed.

Richa Chadda
I am saddened. I definitely want a very harsh punishment for criminals and better laws in our country. But if we want a better society, then we should start from our homes. Men need to be given a good upbringing as children and they should be taught to respect women.

RIP democracy!
Akshay Kumar on Twitter
Our fighter lost the battle of life. Her only fault: she ventured out of the house at night, walking the streets of the national capital expecting to be safe. The day a woman can walk freely on the roads at night is when India will be truly independent. RIP democracy (sic)!

This death should change our sick world’ Ayushmann Khurrana, actor

From the lopsided sex ratio to the patriarchal mentality, everything is wrong in the Capital. Enough is enough. I am a non-violent
person, but endorse public angst for the first time on this issue. One life has the power to change the world. Similarly, this death should also change our sick world. Now, we should live to teach our present and the future generations the basics of life, which starts with respecting the fairer sex.

‘I don’t know what’s wrong with Delhi’ Chitrangda Singh, actor
We need to tackle this menace at every level. Meting out capital punishment for rape isn’t enough. For something like eve teasing and molestation too, there should be severe punishment. We have to nip such cases in the bud. The need of the hour is to instill some fear in people’s heads.

We need fast-track courts to deal with such cases. And these issues need to be handled with sensitivity and care. I don’t know what’s wrong with Delhi, but it all boils down to the mindset. But for some reason, men are aggressive there, especially towards women. A lot of my female friends and family members have moved to Mumbai and they feel safer here than there.

‘Parents must teach that it is an equal society’ Huma Qureshi, actor
It’s unfortunate that the girl has passed away, but what I am most surprised about is the way the authorities have handled the case. To talk about women’s clothes and the fact that they shouldn’t move around freely is annoying. It’s shameful that
we are still thinking about moral codes for women. It’s disgraceful to even think on those lines. I have grown up in Delhi and go there once a month. What I have realised is that there is a strong male mentality against women.

I am not a feminist, but there is genuine need to bring about a change in our thinking at the family, school and college level. Parents must teach boys that it’s an equal society and there are no special privileges to either men or women.

So the real change has to come from within. Even if our leaders pass stricter laws, it wouldn’t help. The need of the hour is implementation of existing laws. Once I was eve teased by someone on a bike in Delhi. I decided to ask for help, but it took me 35-40 minutes to reach the right person and complain. We need swifter action from authorities.
— As told to Prashant Singh