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I’m having a lot of fun being single: Shahid Kapoor

entertainment Updated: Feb 14, 2013 14:12 IST
Shalvi Mangaokar

Shahid Kapoor is concentrating on work right now, while everything else takes a backseat

How does it feel being single?
I think it gives you a lot of time to be yourself. Through my 20s, largely I’ve been in relationships. I think it’s great sometimes to be on your own. You get to understand and discover yourself. I’m having a lot of fun being single. I have all the time in the world for myself right now and I can spend it working or with my family. I also get a lot of time with the boys (laughs).

ShahidSo you think it’s a happy space to be in?

Relationships are beautiful and it’s wonderful to find someone you can spend time with and share your life with. But there’s also a lot of pressure attached to that. And I think you can’t be in a relationship until you have discovered yourself fully. Because when you’re in a relationship, especially a long-term one, then a lot of the other person’s personality tends to influence you and you become what the other person is.

But isn’t it great to have someone by your side?
I think if we want to find happiness by finding a life partner, then it’s a little selfish. You should be complete within yourself, so that when you’re in a relationship, you can give out happiness rather than expect it. I don’t think there’s anybody in this world who should be required to make you feel good about yourself. Be happy on your own. Otherwise, it just becomes a relationship of dependency and insecurity.

What’s your take on Valentine’s Day?
I think love should be celebrated every day. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a day to say that we all believe in love. Valentine’s Day is a nice thought, but love is what makes the world go round. There’s no life without love so I think it’s fine to celebrate it.


Arjun Kapoor
Your idea of love
Love is an amazing feeling.

Significance of red on V-Day
Red roses look tender and excite you, which many might find common in their lovers too.

Miss that someone special?
Of course I do.

Do you believe in V-day?
I haven’t had a date in its proper avatar. But it’s always good to see people going out of their way to make their special someone feel exceptional.

Ranbir KapoorRanbir Kapoor

I am shooting for Besharam so director Abhinav Singh Kashyap is going to be my date this Valentine’s Day. Though to me the day means nothing. It’s just a day that greeting card companies have discovered so that they can sell cards and make money. I think if you are in love with someone you can celebrate it every day. Valentine’s Day is just an excuse and that you have to celebrate love on that particular day.

Sidharth Malhotra
Your idea of love
Love is an experience where you should be yourself and have loads of fun.

Significance of red on V-Day
Red is the colour of blood and as the filmi line goes, ‘you have to give your blood for love.’

Miss that someone special?
I’m not missing anyone but, I’m always looking for love.

Do you believe in V-day?
Professing your love shouldn’t be a one day thing.

Alia Bhatt
Your idea of love
Love’s definition is very filmi, ‘pyaar dosti hai.’

Significance of red on V-Day
Since red is the colour of passion, it is stuck in our minds.

Miss that someone special?
Right now, I don’t have the time to think on those lines.

Do you believe in V-day?
Personally, I don’t believe in it. Every day should be meant for love. For a lot of people, I think it’s just another holiday.

Varun Dhawan
Your idea of love
Love is completely unconditional.

Significance of red on V-Day
Red is generally considered the colour of passion. Since love and blood both are very deep, red is considered significant today.

Miss that someone special?
I am absolutely single and don’t miss anyone special in my life.

Do you believe in V-day?
I don’t understand the concept of it. A person can’t wait for one specific day to profess their love.