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'I’m no longer linked with Aamna Sharif'

Media called him arrogant. TV viewers drooled over his lover boy image. After the release of his first film, Aamir, the perceptions have changed. Rajeev Khandelwal in a one-on-one with Vajir Singh.

entertainment Updated: Aug 26, 2008 16:23 IST
Vajir Singh

Till yesterday, the media called him arrogant. TV viewers drooled over his lover boy image. Now, after the release of his first film, Aamir, the perceptions have changed dramatically. Rajeev Khandelwal in a one-on-one with Vajir Singh.

What’s the status of romance in your private life today?
(Sighs) Romance is history.

History? But you never admitted that you were ever in love.
(Laughs) Smart. I mean.. well, how do I put it? Okay, okay, you know what I mean..I’m no longer linked with her.

Do you mean Aamna Sharif?
Ha ha.. okay, so I’m no longer linked with Aamna. The talk that we were seeing each other went on for three years. I think it has died its natural death now.

That’s some cliché.
Whatever. No one links me with Aamna any more. In fact I just.. (pause)

You just, what?
I read that Aamna is seeing another.. (pause).. you know.

No, I don’t know. Who is this guy?
Not me for sure.

Okay. Let me tell you.. Aftab Shivdasani.
(Silence). Do you think they’re seeing each other? (Pause) I haven’t been in touch with Aamna for the last three-four months. She was busy with her film. I have no idea about what’s happening in her life. If she’s dating someone, I’d be the happiest person on this earth. As long as she’s happy, I’m happy. I was very close to her and still am.

Close to her.. then how come she hasn’t spoken to you about Aftab Shivdasani?

Look, I presume I’m very close to her. I’ve no idea if they’re dating each other or not. We haven’t exchanged any sms’es or talked over the phone of late. We’ve been busy with our respective careers. I’ve always said that she’s a very beautiful and wonderful girl. My best wishes will always be with her.

Okay, let’s talk work work now.. Wasn’t it risky to make a debut with


since you had a lover boy image?

I had no choice but to take the risk. No one was planning a magnum opus for me. It was very important for me to get noticed in my first film. I also had to fight with the mental block that TV guys cannot make it in films.


Once I okayed the concept to go ahead with the project, it wasn’t easy to find a producer. Most of them said get a bigger name.. few of them were also ready to put in money for a newcomer but not me. No one was ready to take the risk.

It was said that before


, no producer was keen to sign you on because you barraged them with questions.

Hello, it’s my right to ask questions.. it’s my right to know what I’m getting into. If that’s an issue, so be it. I’m just being a bit careful about my career. I’m here to experiment.. to evolve as an actor. I’m just following my heart.. my instincts. If these instincts go wrong, that’s fine by me as well.

Weren’t you making more money on television?

Yes, I was or I could have. I quit shows, I took several breaks. The idea was not to own a five BHK or a palatial house in Mumbai or buy a limousine.

You have been a documentary filmmaker.. is that why you interfere a lot?

My involvement in any project has nothing to do with my past. I made a documentary in Delhi because I was looking for a source of income. By default I got into it. Actually, I love writing, conceiving ideas and putting them on paper. That’s how I ended up making documentaries.

Did they bring you money?

Bloody hell. I didn’t make any money from documentaries. That was just for survival. When I came to Mumbai, I had a debt of Rs 50,000. That’s why I came to Mumbai. I came here to sell one of my projects in which I had pumped in all my earnings. I had produced, directed, written and acted in a drama called



It was based on the Indian army. At the last moment, the army withdrew all its technical support. The Kargil war had broken out. It was impossible to continue with the project. I had no choice but to sell the project to any channel.

Go on.

I stayed with the cinematographer of


, Deepak Malvankar. I asked him if I could stay for 10 days but ended up staying for nearly a year. I owe so much to him. Eventually, Bombay accepted me.. and how. I did loads of work in television and also ad films. One day, I got a call for

Kahin Toh Hoga

and I was secure. To own a house in a year in Mumbai is quite an achievement. Today, I own two houses.. one at Goregaon where I stay.. and there’s one at Mira Road for investment.

So, Mumbai has given you everything but love.

Right? I do miss a woman in my life. But I’m into work, I’m not looking out for someone to fill that vacancy in my life. I’d just say that I haven’t found love yet, the city has nothing to do with it. There were affairs in college.. we all have affairs during our college days.. but then we go our different ways.

It’s believed that you invited Ekta Kapoor for the premiere of


..to whip up some publicity.

Let me make this clear once and for all that I didn’t want publicity out of Ekta. I thought of all the people who have mattered to me in my career and Ekta was one of them. I also wanted to put an end to our so-called war. I sent her an sms and she was kind enough to reply to my message. But she couldn’t make it since her own film,

Sarkar Ra

j, was releasing on the same date.

Did she sms you after watching



I don’t think she has seen the film.