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I’m shy, but I’ve done pretty well: Sunny Deol

This month marks the 25th year of the Deols’ film production banner Vijeta. It will release Chamku, next Friday. Here the reclusive Sunny Deol talks about Vijeta and his dream plans to Khalid Mohamed.

entertainment Updated: Aug 25, 2008 11:57 IST
Khalid Mohamed

Hello brother! They aren’t into banquet hall celebrations, summoning press meets or splashing their faces on billboards.. The Deols live, without any bombast, in their Juhu-Vile Parle bungalow, minding their own business and deflecting controversies. This month marks the 25th year of the Deols’ film production banner Vijeta. It will release Chamku, its back-into-business production, next Friday. Here the reclusive Sunny Deol talks about Vijeta and his dream plans to Khalid Mohamed.

Have the clouds cleared.. the debt issues resolved?
I can say that the clouds are clearing.. yes. <b1>

What do the last 25 years of Vijeta signify to you?

They mean 25 years of me as well.. actually of all of us. We haven’t ever done rush jobs, or hacked out stuff, we’ve released seven films..

Betaab, Ghayal, Barsaat, Dillagi, Indian, Shaheed


Socha Na Tha

. We’ve kept a low profile for the last five years, we talk only when there’s something to talk about. Most of the films we’ve made have been liked by the people as well as the critics.. they’ve won awards. We’ve wanted to do sensible cinema at Vijeta.. touchwood the momentum is back.

But during the last few years, you’ve had to handle financial matters. Hasn’t that taken a toll on you?

Perhaps.The toll was taken in the business-handling side. I trusted people whom I shouldn’t have. Anyway, it’s been an education.

Did these ‘people’ cheat you?

(Pause) Cheat? No. I blame myself. I guess I was a simpleton and will continue to be one. No one can change me. But I’ve adapted.. moulded myself to the situation today. I’ll go with the wave.. and I’ll be there in it.. because I’m a damn good swimmer who never gives up. I’ve analysed myself. I’m not good at smart talk, power lunches and the new corporate lingo. I went wrong on the management side, it was way beyond my total control and understanding at the time of



We didn’t have loads of money, nothing in the league of the amount that’s being spent by the limited companies. Our game plan was to make a movie.. not to manipulate anyone. That’s become a given but we still have to learn the ABCD of that. Now while marketing


, I’ve done it the way I believe is honest and right..

karna padta hai

. Next week, with the release, our campaign will intensify, we’ll be taking off for road shows. Earlier on, fans waited for a new film, they were hungry for a new film. Now, the audience has to be made aware that hey, we’re coming. <b2>

Which role are you most at ease with — an actor, director or producer?

I’m a mixture. To be an actor is to opt for the easiest way of life. It’s super-comfortable. Direction means creating characters and situations.. which come alive from script to execution. Production means ensuring teamwork.. and I’ve seen that suppose you have 20 guys on board, 10 will work like crazy while the other 10 will goof off.

So what exactly is on the charts of Vijeta right now?


is at top of the mind, of course right now. Then I’m directing

The Man

which is 20 per cent complete. Sangeeth Sivan will be directing dad and Bobby in a film. Then Bobs and I will be in a film to be directed by Sameer Karnik. And all three of us — dad, Bobs and I — will be in Masters which will be directed by Anil Sharma.

Before your dad returned in

Life in a Metro


Johnny Gaddar

, he was being seen in very down market films.

I know. And that’s because he didn’t quite know how to say no. If someone has been nice to dad earlier on his career, he displays his gratitude immediately.

Has your kid brother grown up?

Ha, ha. Of course. Bobs’ strengths are that he’s a diligent actor and has a personality. He doesn’t have to make an extra effort to look good.

Do you consider him better-looking than you?

Ha ha.. of course. But neither of us is anywhere close to dad.

Whom do you depend upon the most?

My family which has stood by me.

Ever been stabbed in the back?

Quite a few times.. I’d get agitated at one time. But now my back is cured.. physically too it’s fine.

Are you okay with all the directors you’ve worked with?

Yeah, why?.. (Pause) I’ve worked with quite a few first-timers. Neither the director nor the actor should get possessive.. one has to move on.. and then show mutual respect at least. <b3>

Are we talking Rajkumar Santoshi?

Why only him? We picked up Imtiaz Ali for

Socha Na Tha

.. and now he has no time for us.

So, who are your friends?

At the end of the day, no one helps you when you’re in trouble. Everyone is into bluffing. They’ll say they are there but when it comes to the crunch, you’re alone.

You’re Yash Chopra’s neighbour. Does the conflict with him still rankle?

All conflicts pass.. they fizzle out. I’m okay about it. It’s all so distant in the past.

Tell me, can an actor be as shy as you are?

Ha, yeah I’m shy but I’ve done pretty well by being shy so far.

Any film you’re embarrassed by?

Can’t say because the filmmakers won’t like it. I can just say that I wasn’t quite there in

Saveraywali Gaadi


What’s the first reaction of people when they meet you?

Right off, they say that they’re missing seeing me in more movies. (Pause) I do feel that the Deols haven’t really got their dues.. they have from the people. About the media, who knows? And why? <b4>

Do your sons have the Deol looks?

You bet! Rocky is 18, Rajveer is 14. After completing their education, I see them being a part of our world. I see them in cinema for sure.

Okay, any last words.

(Pause) Yeah. Today everyone in films must know two very important things. (Laughs) And they are Company and Accounting laws.