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I’m straight…are you?

entertainment Updated: Feb 25, 2010 14:17 IST
Genelia Dsouza


Ok hold on... let’s do this slowly for I hope to keep you vying for more, for just for a little longer. First, welcome to my word space, that of honest confessions and general musings! Here’s where I can share my thoughts and may even give you reason to think… I atleast hope to. I’m quite excited…Yeahhhh!!!! (Even though I can hear my inner voice say “Control G, Control”, you have to make an impression, it’s your first day) Ok Ok… So let me start by being absolutely straight … forward! (Gotcha!)

Being straightforward is a term that fascinates me. There’re times I find it strange, and at times, honest. But there are other times I find it absolutely blunt, as in a pretext to being rude, or a nice way of simply insulting a person. If you’re thinking that I got carried away with the latter, honest to God I didn’t.

Straightforward — is it used or abused, is a question I’ve always asked myself. Dictionaries define the term as being honest, frank, unambiguous or obscure — but how many of us know its real usage? How often do we see two people being downright rude to each other and justifying the insolence as being straight forward? We also find people who insult, yet ever so politely but still manage to etch the pain in your heart justifying it under the guise of being “straightforward”.

It’s not like I don’t believe in being frank, of course I do. We need to be vocal about feelings, because there lies the charm of being truthful and no one is more beautiful than an honest person. But I also believe one could hold back from being straightforward at an inappropriate time. Discretion is critical in deciding the timing — as to when to be straightforward, since you need to know when to hold back and when to be completely upfront. Decide if being forthright would help bringout the best in someone or result in making the recipient treasure your words for life. It may serve as a ray of hope in trying times and not be a reason to kick someone into the dumps when they’re already down and out.

Lets put it to test. Why don’t you be straight forward with me in your feedback and lets unearth possibly some more interesting facets and additional “honest” interpretations.