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I'm young, I can rectify my mistakes: Celina Jaitly

Celina Jaitly asserts she will zoom upwards and how, never mind the speed breakers, as she speaks with Nilufer Qureshi.

entertainment Updated: Dec 26, 2007 16:13 IST
Nilufer Qureshi

Celina Jaitly asserts that she will zoom upwards and how, never mind the speed breakers, in a conversation with Nilufer Qureshi

Long time, no see.
It's been very hectic. I've been living out of suitcases. I love my work but when my brother is here, I love to spend time with him. I've taken a few days off because he's getting engaged before he takes off to Lebanon. He is in the UN peace force now.

Your new look has got you heaps of flak.
That's not my look in real life. I have this fringe, a patch I'd worn for Hello Darling. I play an Anglo-Indian girl from Goa in the film, it was in sync with the character. I went for Subi Samuel's calendar launch in that look, in between my shots for the film. I even requested the photographers not to click me. The next thing I know is that journos have pounced on me because of the fringe.

Even my shoes got flak, I was made out to be a fashion disaster. Look, I'm a former Miss India and a runner-up for Miss Universe. Obviously I've a fashion sense. Unless of course, you guys think I bribed the judges to win the crown.

Apparently, Hello Darling is inspired by Charlie's Angels.
Rubbish! Although it isn't a serious-serious film, it deals with social issues. It's a comedy about sexual harassment that women have to face at their workplace.

I play a girl from Goa. People have pre-conceived notions about her. They think she's a fast girl because of the way she speaks. I identified with the character instantly. Film industry people have had the wrong impression about me ever since my Janasheen days.

<b1>Reportedly Kareena Kapoor and Amrita Arora weren't too happy with you during the Golmaal Returns schedule in Goa. True?
The news is so wrong because I never shot with them. I had an eye infection in Mauritius. I was delayed in reaching Goa. I was advised to wear dark shades. Someone clicked me at the airport and reported that I was wearing glares at night.

Give me a break.. my dad had to hold my hand and take me around for the first few days. Anyway by the time I reached Goa, both Kareena and Amrita had left. I've heard these stories too but I choose not to believe them. Also, this is bound to happen when there are three girls in a film.. and two of them happen to be close friends.

Do you get upset with what is written about you?
When fun is made about my fashion sense, I laugh it off. My mother had told me once, "If you laugh at yourself you'll never get hurt." But things do get to me when people gang up against me and cause misunderstandings.

<b2>I can't be a part of politics, I can't please people to fulfill my ambitions.That's why I speak to very few people, maintain my distance and have very few friends.

What about your Hollywood plans?

Things take a while. I've finished a month of training. I was homesick which is why I'm here. It will happen.. wait.

Careerwise, why aren't top filmmakers and actors working with you?

I have worked with top heroes. But maybe I got left behind because of my glamourous image. The fact is that you're categorised as a good actress only when you look plain and do simple girl roles.

Now, I'm doing such roles. And if my director is good, then I don't care about who's been cast opposite me. I'm young, I can rectify my mistakes. Whatever anyone may say, I'm here to stay.

What's the best lesson that you have learnt from your mistakes?

I've learnt that besides your family no one stands by you. Tough but true. You sound cynical. I'm not cynical. It is an industry where friendships depend on your last success or failure.

What's happening to your love life?

I do wish to fall in love again. Till then, I'm happy being single. See, now my brother is settling down. I wish I had found my soulmate too. But I'm in no hurry I don't want a man just to spend . happy moments with.

I want a man to spend the rest of my life with. I'm hopeful about the right partner.. despite my last terrible experience. Even my poor dog Teacup was dragged in.

Your dog?
Yes, my ex-boyfriend used to live with Kashmera Shah and her husband. I was in Switzerland when she accused my one-foot long dog of attacking her huge dog. It was said that I had trained him to do that.

Can you believe that? You have to see my Teacup, he'll fit into your palm. He's a very sweet dog.. he can't attack an ant.. forget a dog. The next time I get into a relationship, I'll make sure the man is a thorough gentleman and is not dating me just for publicity.