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I’ve never been much of a gambler: Urmila

Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar steers clear of taash parties and celebrates Diwali the traditional way.. Hiren Kotwani reports.

entertainment Updated: Oct 27, 2008 18:52 IST
Hiren Kotwani

Urmila Matondkar steers clear of taash parties and celebrates Diwali the traditional way.. Hiren Kotwani reports

What are your plans for Diwali?

I’m planning to spend the festival with my family at my farmhouse. We’ll celebrate it the traditional way.

And that would be..

Wake up early, take a ceremonial bath, perform


, hog


and other delicacies prepared by my mom and sister, visit relatives and friends.

And before you ask, no taash parties. Even if I’m at a card party, I don’t play. I’ve tried once but didn’t win anything. (Laughs) I’ve never been much of a gambler which is why I felt so out-of-place during that scene in



Talking of


, your Kamini has sparked off mixed reactions.

That’s not unusual. People always have preconceived notions about a remake. Subconsciously, they have already made up their minds to dislike the adaptation. Even Shah Rukh Khan’s


had sparked off some amount of scepticism. But I got good reviews so I’m having the last laugh. Ha, ha!

Has Simi Garewal who played the role of Kamini in the original, seen the film?

You’ll have to ask her that. I hardly know her and we haven’t been in touch.

For someone who always dared to be different, what prompted you to shy away from turning grey considering the character ages by 25 years?

Hey, I did turn grey in


remember? But Kamini was loaded.. she could have owned 10 cosmetic companies. A woman like that would always colour her hair. Which woman doesn’t today?

Which Monty do you prefer.. Rishi Kapoor or Himesh Reshammiya?

Rishiji’s Monty will always be memorable. Right at the onset Himesh had pointed out that he wasn’t trying to be one up on him. So it wouldn’t be right to compare. They are two different people playing the role in two different times.

Shweta Kumar has said that Ranbir Kapoor would have made a great Monty. Comment?

When I was offered Kamini, Himesh had already been confirmed as Monty. I liked the maker’s interpretation and gave the nod.



coming up in another couple of weeks, you have two releases in quick succession. Still you continue to be super selective.

Even when I was doing more films, I didn’t accept every role that came my way so why would I do that now? It’s just a coincidence that




are releasing so close to each other though


has been pushed back by a few weeks now.

It’s been years since you and Sanjay Dutt first teamed up for


. Has he changed much?

(Laughs) No, during


he wasn’t all that different from what he was during the




days.. just a little more serious but still fun.

You’re supposed to unhappy with


you were missing at the promotional launch at the Fashion Week?

No way, I was traveling and out of town. (Laughs) Don’t go looking for a controversy where there isn’t one.