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India vs Sri Lanka: What the stars foretell

entertainment Updated: Apr 01, 2011 14:10 IST
Parmita Uniyal

If you thought India-Pakistan match had enough ups and downs, gear yourself up for another interesting match - the final between Men in Blue India and Sri Lanka. If astrologers are to be believed, the match is expected to be high on drama and will see a lot of twists and turns. Read on to know what the future might hold for both the teams.

'High drama on the high seas'

Noted astrologer Bejan Daruwalla, who's already predicted win for India on Feb 19, is excited about the much-awaited battle between the Men in Blue- India and Sri Lanka. Daruwalla who's in a peaceful state of mind after his return to hometown Ahmedabad predicts high drama Dhoni and Sangakarramatch between the host countries.

Says Bejan Daruwalla, "It would be a very exciting match. If you look at the India-Pakistan match, it had lots of ups and downs. The captain of Pakistan Shahid Afridi is a water sign (Pisces) and so is Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni who's a Cancer."

"Expect the same in this match, as even Sri Lanka skipper Kumar Sangakkara is a water sign (Scorpio). As far as India-Sri Lanka match is concerned, it will be a high drama on the high seas of cricket. There will be tossing, turning, swirling and fishing.

'Victory for India'

Rashmi Binani who specialises in Hindu Vedic astrology, sees definite victory for India as five planets sit comfortably in the 11th house that denotes victory. "Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury are in the 11th house in Indian chart. The 11th house is for Games and Victory. The game is going to be eventful and good for India. It will bring achievements for India. In most probability, India should win."

'Dhoni's stars favourable'

Astrologer Chandra Shekhar Jha predicts a definite win for India. According to him the planetary position of Dhoni will ensure victory for India. "The horoscope of captain MS Dhoni is excellent. He is undergoing the 'Mahadasha of Rahu' since December 2002, and his current time is moving under Rahu to Mercury, which gives him a lot of internal enthusiasm as well as the winning spirit and luck. The Varsha Kundli of the captain of India is also excellent and he is getting maximum influence by Venus during the time. This year, his Venus is placed at lagna, which is giving him a lot of ideas, innovations and strategies. This shows he is going to do some big work for his country, which can be bagging World Cup 2011 trophy.

'Tough match for India-Sri Lanka'

Tarot card reader Maanya Kohli predicts it would be a tough war between the host countries and outcome is difficult to predict. "Honestly, it is extremely difficult to predict the outcome. SriLanka might not start off very well. The team will have to struggle and face some hardships. A responsible player, maybe the captain, will help the team in turning the game in their favour. However, toward the end I see anxiety and success would be difficult."

"For India the cards foretell a sort of a compromise toward the begining. Something will hold them back; toward the middle of the game they will start coping with the situation. Some strategic planning will help them. However, it seems, that though the team will struggle a lot everything will eventually turn out well. India does have a chance of winning the World Cup.