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'India will win, but match would be tight'

entertainment Updated: Apr 01, 2011 20:14 IST
Parmita Uniyal
Parmita Uniyal
Hindustan Times
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Astrologer Chandra Shekhar Jha predicts a definite win for India. According to him the planetary position of Dhoni will ensure victory for India. "The horoscope of captain MS Dhoni is excellent. He is undergoing the 'Mahadasha of Rahu' since December 2002, and his current time is moving under Rahu to Mercury, which gives him a lot of internal enthusiasm as well as the winning spirit and luck. The Varsha Kundli of the captain of India is also excellent and is greatly influenced by Venus during the time. This year, his Venus is placed at 'lagna', which is giving him a lot of ideas, innovations and strategies. This shows he is going to do some big work for his country, which can be bagging World Cup 2011 trophy."

"The stars of India will further help the match turn in the country's favour. "The Horoscope of India has Mahadasha of Sun since September 2009 and currently there is Mahadasha of Sun, Antardasha of Rahu and Pratyantar of Mercury which will go on till 15th May 2011. Sun is placed at the house of Prakrama with planet Mercury which also confirms India's victory. According to Varsha Kundli, Indian side would be influenced by planet Moon the most, which will give a lot of energy and efficiency to the Indian cricket team. Sachin and Sehwag are expected to perform better according to their horoscope, whereas bowlers Zaheer and Munaf would perform brilliantly. Sachin is undergoing the Mahadasha of Rahu to Venus and would be influenced by Sun a lot during the time. Hence, some big hits are expected from his bat."

"If we look at the horoscope of Sri Lanka, the time has been very good for them till now. From May 2010, they are moving with Jupiter Mahadasha and the current time is under Jupiter to Jupiter uptill 13th July 2012. Jupiter is placed at the fifth house in the horoscope of Sri lanka which is Jupiter's own house with the lord of eighth house. Sri lanka has given consistent performance due to this and reached final. The horoscope of Sangakara and Dilshan indicate they'll give some good hits for Sri Lanka. The horocope of Sri Lankan captain Sangakkara also looks good. Bowlers Malinga and Murlidharan would also do a decent job. But since the match is scheduled for 2nd April 2011, the planetry position of Sri Lankan horoscope - Sun and Saturn are placed at the 10th house and the presence of Shani Sade Sati - will lead to some last moment strategical error and the team will lose the match. But this will also mean that the match would be tight and interesting."

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