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'It feels great to be the sexiest of them all'

John Abraham on life after Dostana with Rachana Dubey who's keen to rent him a room now.

entertainment Updated: Dec 13, 2008 19:48 IST
Rachana Dubey

John Abraham on life after



Rachana Dubey

who's keen to rent him a room now.

Apparently, you were unwell recently.

Yeah, I had a bout of food poisoning. But now, I’m okay. Nothing serious.

So has life changed after



I’m relieved. It’s a tremendous feeling when your film is received even better than you’d expected it too. I’m often told that Abhishek (Bachchan) and I make a cute couple and I laugh at that. (Laughs) I just hope no one thinks I’m blushing.

What’s your take on Abhishek Bachchan and you becoming gay icons?

I was anxious to know what the gay community had to say about the movie. I’m glad that they appreciated our effort. They come up to us and thank us for acknowledging the fact that they are happy and proud to be gay.

How did Bipasha Basu react to the movie?

She watches my movies and tells me frankly whether they’ll work or not. When she watched


with me, she said, “Listen, I think you can go home and sleep in peace now. This movie’s a surefire hit.” I was still apprehensive.. I didn’t think it would work so positively.

The first promo of

New York

(directed by Kabir Khan) is out... any reaction?

I’m told it’s superb. My cell phone is inundated with messages from Dubai, London, the U S.. and Mumbai. For now, I’m keeping my toes and fingers crossed.

Do you believe in doing that kind of cinema.. slick and with a point to make?

Completely. When Adi (Aditya Chopra) offered the movie to me, he had said, “Read the script and tell me if you can deliver.. if you can handle it.”

Adi and Karan (Johar) have given me huge projects when my chips were down. I’ve worked on



New York

with fire in my belly. If Kabir Khan hadn’t believed in me, I don’t think I could have pulled it off.

Apparently Katrina Kaif and you weren’t getting along.. and now you do


See, the fact that we weren’t getting along is just not true. So making up is as false as it can be. We were working on a project which is about three friends.

So, a certain chemistry was essential. She and I spoke work and behaved like thorough professionals. There was no misconduct from either side. The shoot is over and we haven’t spoken since.

The media keeps speculating that Salman Khan and you will bury the hatchet soon.

The media dwells on such gossip, I don’t. Whatever happened between Salman and me is in the past, I don’t care much about it now. I’m not being arrogant, I’m just letting it be.

What about your own film production house?

Right now, I don’t have a staff-driven line-production company. Some time in the future, I will. I’d like to make entertaining movies. Period. I don’t want to make pseudo cinema. I hate being pretentious.

Right now, I’m taking a cut in the profits and taking a lesser fee for Abbas Tyrewala’s


. It’s better than piling on to a project. And it doesn’t take away anything from what I can give to a project.

When you turn a full-time producer, would you act in the projects too?

(Laughs) Of course. In any case, I don’t know if anyone else will be interested in working in my film productions at all. But I’ll also screen the actors the way I am screened for roles. I’ll function the way a movie production house should.

Whatever happened to



I’ve always stood by that beautiful movie made by Nagesh Kukunoor. The release has been pushed around because we didn’t find an appropriate release date. It’s made on a shoestring budget but it’s extremely rich in emotions. I’m hoping it releases soon.

M S Dhoni is making his movie debut with you.

Hook ya Crook

has a cricket backdrop. Mahi (Dhoni) was never part of the project. If he’s ever needed, I know he’ll be there because he’s a friend. It’ll be public knowledge if he’s doing the project.


Hook ya Crook

has been stuck for a while now?

Yeah, the shooting schedule has been postponed by 20 days.. starting January 8 to March 23 because I need to grow my hair. (Laughs) David (Dhawan) calls me every day to ask me if my hair has grown. I told him, “But you just called yesterday.. hair takes a while to grow.”

How come did you agree to do a special appearance in

Little Zizou


Sooni (Taraporevala) came to my

No Smoking

set. She said in typical bawa style, “John, I’m making a movie.. will you do a special appearance for me?” I agreed. She asked me for a fee, I asked for

dhansak daal

. She didn’t bargain. I agreed because my mum is a Parsi, I’d do anything for our community.

Because of the recession now, have you been asked to reduce your fee?

(Smiles) I work on a shoestring fee. So, no one asked me to cut it further. But I think the global meltdown has brought certain actors back to their deserving fees.

I can understand if Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar charge the earth for a fee.. they deserve it. But there were so many undeserving ones who were charging more or less the same fee. I haven’t increased my fee even after


clicked. It doesn’t matter.

You’ve been titled the sexiest Asian in the world?

I got a message from someone in London.

But what about the other Asian men?

Actually, it feels great to be the sexiest of them all.

You’ve got a new house In Bandra now. Have you moved in?

I always had this house but I would give it out on rent. Now, my brother who’s an architect, is working on it. It’ll be ready in six months and then I’ll move in.

December 17 is your birthday.. any plans?

There are no plans


! I’ve cut plum cakes on my birthdays. Bipasha is big on celebrating my birthdays though. She organises the celebrations but they are thankfully never over the top. In fact, I like to pretend.. why get me a present guys?.. when I’m actually itching to open them. (Laughs). No honestly, I get really embarrassed to accept gifts.

Bipasha and you have been together for seven years. No seven-year-itch?

Seven-year-itch? You must be joking. I feel itchy every now and then. (Chuckles) I feel these seven years of being together have been made special by her. She’s a very simple and homely girl.

I think we’ve both matured in our relationship.. we don’t believe in a public display of affection. We respect each other’s individuality. I believe that 40 years down, maybe love evaporates from a relationship, but mutual respect keeps it going. More than loving her, I respect her as a person.

When do you intend to marry then?

That’s too personal. No plans.