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It’s a Bunny new year

It may be the Year of the Rabbit, but it’s not all fluffy and cute. Gossip, cracks in relationships and professional pitfalls are likely for those born in the year of the Golden Hare. And here’s what it has in store for you...

entertainment Updated: Feb 04, 2011 01:20 IST

It may be the Year of the Rabbit, but it’s not all fluffy and cute. As the Chinese New Year kicked off this Wednesday, some Bollywood stars may have reason to be wary. Gossip, cracks in relationships and professional pitfalls are likely for those born in the year of the Golden Hare.

Single actors Sushmita Sen (1975), Shazahn Padamsee (1987) and Genelia D’Souza (1987) face trouble from gossip mongers. “There may be romantic inclinations, but nothing may materialise. Most of the stars will be haunted by rumours and gossip for most of the year. Also, they mustn’t get into any legal trouble or they will loose their status and reputation in a shocking manner,” says numerologist Lok Deepak Bakshi. The remedy is to install icons of Laughing Buddha and Riding Emperor Horse, and to avoid attending cremations, felling trees or piercing earlobes.

For actor Shilpa Shetty (1975) and husband Raj Kundra (1979, a Ram), the year could be tricky. “They should spend quality time together and sort out any difference before the situation goes out of hand,” adds Bakshi.

For Kajol, a Rabbit born in 1975, and husband Ajay Devgn a Rooster (1969), the year doesn’t bode well either. “They will always be together, but Kajol will not do well careerwise, and Ajay, too, won’t sustain the height he has reached,” says metaphysics practitioner Niraj Mancchanda.

For actor Sridevi, also born in the year of Rabbit (1963), there may be emotional and financial problems in store. “While Sridevi and Boney Kapoor (1954, the year of the Snake) will stick together, the year is difficult, they should not take any risks,” says Bakshi. For director Sanjay Leela Bhansali (1963) too, astrolgers say “the new cycle has begun but it is not great.”

It’s time to stock up on carrots.
Why, you wonder? A bad joke about the hare and the tortoise tale aside, according to Chinese astrology, year 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. In the Chinese calendar, Rabbit Years are the fourth (there are a dozen animals for a 12 year-cycle) in the calendar. The Rabbit Year is following the Year of the Tiger, and it just so happens to begin on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, which is today! So, in order to ensure you keep the Rabbit happy, here’s everything you need to know about this bunny.

Who’s a Rabbit
First, you need to figure out if you were born in a Year of the Rabbit. And it’s not at all difficult. The Chinese calendar says if you were born in any of these years — 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011 — then you are a rabbit. “Just like rabbits, people born under the Rabbit Year are calm and tend to avoid confrontations. Even if they get angry about something or someone, they don’t lose their cool,” says Delhi-based Chinese astrology expert, Ajay Chadras.

The Rabbit and you
Chadras shares with us what the Rabbit has in store for the 12 zodiacs:
Aries: A balanced year, where money and love are quite ample
Taurus: Some tension at the start of the year, but all’s well post-June
Gemini: Post July, love, wealth and health will shine
Cancer: A new start awaits in May
Leo: Exercise precaution close to the year end
Virgo: Exercise caution till August
Libra: A year which is as smooth as it gets, awaits you
Scorpio: An almost golden year will set in for you
Sagittarius: A year of neither ups nor down. Time to just lay low.
Capricorn: The perfect year for money to flow in
Aquarius: Just don’t lend money to friends. Everything else is going to be just peachy
Pisces: An imbalanced start, but it will get better post-June.

How to survive the year
Feng Shui expert Raymond Lo says, “People entering a year whose sign is the same as their birth sign are considered to be ‘in conflict’ and may encounter bad luck.” So follow these rules to battle the blues this Rabbit year:

Food: Stick to items like pumpkins, oranges, white radishes and apples. Keep your diet light and fresh.
Colours: Stick to white and yellow as a good antidote for the year.
Lucky charm: Carrying a dog pendant might also help because dogs and rabbits are astrologically compatible.

Facts about rabbits
Career wise: Rabbits have good communication skills and are best utilised in positions of management. They make great teachers and PR people because they are diplomatic and well-organised. They can also make great painters or musicians due to their sense of beauty and their love of creativity.The ‘lucky rabbit foot’ term didn’t just come out of nowhere. Rabbits are pretty lucky people!
They use much of their money for possessions such as homes, cars or furniture.

Fashion forward: Rabbit individuals can be found adorning the latest fashion magazine cover looks. They love to express themselves, which is reflected in their style choices. They find interest in different cultures. Classy and sophisticated.