Keira Knightley accepts she was neurotic before turning 25

  • IANS, Los Angeles
  • Updated: Sep 17, 2014 14:25 IST

Actor Keira Knightley says she used to be "neurotic", but since turning 25 she has become relaxed.

The 29-year-old used to take herself "far too seriously" and the criticism, particularly about her looks, reports

"Have I not got parts because of the way I look? Yes. I have got parts because of the way I look? Yes," she said.

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"What can you do about it? I look the way I look; I am not willing to cut my face up. Everything up to 25 I was pretty neurotic and taking everything far too seriously. I found it difficult to step back from it and I was taking it very personally.

"Partly because as an actor you don't want necessarily that thicker skin, and I couldn't figure how to be open emotionally and yet get a thick enough skin so that things didn't hurt," she added.

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