Lady Gaga lies to protect relationships

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  • Updated: Jun 01, 2010 18:02 IST

GagaPop star Lady Gaga lies "profusely" about herself in interviews to protect her personal relationships.

"The discrepancy between private and public life: I believe, as an artist, being private in public is at the core of the aesthetic, the message. However, I profusely lie about my personal relationships in an effort to protect that aesthetic and that message. Today people are distracted by unimportant things - like what my diet is, or who I'm f**king," quoted her as saying.

"I do sometimes feel that I'm on a stage all the time, and I do feel that life is a stage for my art - when I'm dancing, singing, making breakfast," she added.

But the star revealed she breaks down in tears when she steps out of the spotlight.

"There is a moment of freedom, when the stage disappears - when I cry. On stage, off stage, alone or with someone. There's something very honest about that."


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