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Lara Dutta promises to bare her soul

entertainment Updated: Feb 23, 2010 01:31 IST
Lara Dutta
Lara Dutta
Hindustan Times

Lara DuttaIt’s almost the end of February, two months have passed into the new year, (way quicker than I expected) and I thought it’s time to take stock of my New Year’s resolutions!

My three resolutions in order of priority were: One, have more awareness — of my actions, words, the food I eat, my body. The second was to learn to drive, and the third was to complete at least one of the projects I’ve been writing.

How have I fared? On the awareness one, I’m genuinely trying. I didn’t think I was going to master the ‘Power of Now’ in a few months, but I keep reminding myself to be more conscious from moment-to-moment.

This has its own pitfalls because this ‘awareness’ seems to rear its head at the most inopportune moments! Like, when I have stuffed another spoonful of low fat yogurt with chocolate sprinkles into my mouth, I can hear a voice in my head say, "what are you doing?

You know this is going straight to your hips, don’t you? That’s when I sheepishly try to drown out awareness by telling myself I’ll run an extra 15 minutes on the treadmill tomorrow!

On the driving front, I’ve got all the details. I know how many hours it’ll take me to learn, the number of classes, the car I would need to learn on, the timings and the instructor. Now I just need to ‘commit’.

That’s a scary word! I hate ‘committing’ to anything if I know there is a possibility that I might abandon it before completion! I need to set a deadline. “I will learn to go around the block and back alone (and park) in a week”, and I need to see it through. No more “I’ve got rehearsals” or “I’m shooting”.

It needs to be done systematically and thoroughly! I guess that’s the military background in me. So as soon as I can find the time (22 hours of classes, by the way) I will “commit”)!

Writing. That’s the only thing that’s doing fine. But it’s opened a Pandora’s box! I’ve taken on writing more things in my enthusiasm, this column being one of them (I’m enjoying it though!). So I guess one of three is not so bad and hey; there are a 10 more months to go! (Famous last words).

So I hope dear readers that you will pause to take a look at how well you’ve been doing with your resolutions, whatever they were. To lose weight, go to the gym, read more, spend more time with your kids.

And I hope you’ll be honest with yourselves about how far you’ve come and if you have slipped along the way. I hope you’ll be kind to yourself and promise that you’ll try just a little harder! Enjoy the rest of your year.