Led Zeppelin sued for stealing Stairway to Heaven

  • Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 21, 2014 20:30 IST

Iconic English rock band, Led Zeppelin, has been sued for plagiarism over its hit single, Stairway to Heaven.

The band has been served legal notice on behalf of late guitarist, Randy California, from the band Spirit, who claimed for years that the track's opening notes were lifted from Spirit's track, Taurus.

The song, which is widely considered the band's magnum opus and one of the greatest rock songs of all times, was first released in 1971. The lyrics to the song were written by the band's vocalist Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page who also gave it a stunning guitar solo.

Randy California claimed that the song Taurus was written in 1968 while the band Spirit itself was founded a year before, in 1967.

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