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Let’s get Oscar’d

I would like to thank 7 Khoon Maaf, for being the sour cherry on the cake this week and for teaching me how killing time can also be painful.

entertainment Updated: Feb 28, 2011 13:09 IST

I would like to thank 7 Khoon Maaf, for being the sour cherry on the cake this week and for teaching me how killing time can also be painful. I would also like to thank God for intervals and popcorn. A special shout out also goes to my local DVD guy for coming to my rescue as always and feeding me with great films.” Suit up for tonight’s going to be legendary! Yes, it’s The Oscars!

No time
I’ve been attending rehearsals for the assignment I’m working on, which by the way has been super. We’ve been gearing up to get into the depths of the character through well devised exercises that work on a subconscious level – ‘method acting’ kind of stuff. The director I’m working with has a great deal of love for detail, which means more hours, but well spent ones! With so much happening I’ve not had the time to attend Tanu and Manu’s wedding! I’ve hardly even had the time to make it to the ad auditions this week but still managed to shortlist myself for a really cool Coke advertisement and a revised Parachute hair oil ad with Anushka Sharma. Sadly, news arrived that they went to someone else. You win some, you lose some.

Remember the big campaign that I told you I shot in December? Well, it still hasn’t aired, though I was told it should hit TV screens by the end of January. I’m expecting a call saying that the invoice hasn’t been received yet or been sent to the wrong address. Payments in this world always take a while, but two months means I should get paid with interest.

Oscar fever
I managed to catch up on a few bedtime stories this week. My list included some of the best ever love stories as part of my referencing for a film whose script I’m currently reading, which requires chemistry between the protagonists. Although the best material for matters of the heart can be looked up from one’s own experiences of love, this was my excuse to catch up on the greats I’d missed. Love Story with its haunting soundtrack managed to tug at those heartstrings while The Holiday was milder. I then re-watched The Notebook and Unfaithful, with the director’s commentary this time.

I also caught the dark and discomforting Oscar runner, Black Swan. Yes Mr Aronofsky, it was acquired through questionable origins, but at least I picked yours over The King’s Speech! If it makes you feel any better, come along to my special Oscar screening, watch yourself win and let Natalie pick the award. Pajama Party at Miss K’s at 6 am. Everyone’s invited!