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Luck takes work

entertainment Updated: Jun 20, 2011 16:24 IST

Being in the right place at the right time often involves being in a lot of places at a lot of times. While that might even seem inconvenient or painful, it’s the hardworking ones that somehow always get lucky. The sad truth of existence is that most people give up at the wrong time, not knowing that their greatest success is just around the corner.

Careers take years to build. The problem today is that everyone is chasing overnight success and fame, giving themselves a year or two to ‘make it’. Ask Sachin or Saina about their moment of glory and they’ll tell you that it was a result of days, months and years of practice. Giving it some thought and much research, here’s what I’d like to call the Three Ps to ‘getting lucky’:

An actor like Hrithik for example, rehearses his dance routines a thousand times before delivering the perfect ‘effortless’ performance. While the end result looks simple, what we don’t see are those 100 hours of practice he put in before the final cut. In every case, the practice that precedes that instance of ‘luck’ is just as important as the crowning moment itself.

“You can’t catch a fish without being near the water.” Most of life’s opportunities are actually less random than we think. In our industry, landing a role doesn’t ‘just happen’ unless we actually turn up at an audition. Struggling actors need to understand that developing their acting talent at the New York Film Academy is sometimes less fruitful than just being a slumdog in Mumbai and staying in the loop with auditions, current films and even Hindi! The New York returnees come back with a piece of paper but end up having to start from scratch all over again.

Think Akshay Kumar. While he’s been around and remained an average actor for many years, his persistence paid off eventually after over a decade. While we think that he’s just a chef from Bangkok that got lucky, his blockbuster results today boil down to all the hard work he’s put into becoming Khiladi No. 1!

Today’s generation expects everything to happen now and fast. Getting into shape has become one of the worst quick fixes of our times, and while the steroids can make you a Salman look-alike in months, we forget he has been at it since Maine Pyaar Kiya (1989) and finally became a shirtless wonder only in the ’90s. It takes time, whatever it is.

So, start practising and paying close attention to opportunities in your proximity and when you feel like giving up, fight it and persist. You may soon become one of the people we look at and wonder how you happened to be at the right place at the right time. Just luck, right? ;)