Bollywood Classroom, YouTube sensation!

If you thought Bollywood songs are funny, here’s someone who’s making them funnier. A series of animated song-dialogue spoofs called ‘Bollywood Classroom’ has gone viral with 12 lakh hits for its 15 episodes at last count, and the man behind the videos is a Dilliwalah.

Created by 30-year-old Manish Karnatak two months ago, the series on YouTube uses Bollywood songs in illustrated classroom situations in order to give them a humourous twist. For instance, in one of the episodes, a pair of twins tired from remarks about their identical looks resort to the song ‘Humka Peeni Hai’ (Hum copy nahin hai) from the film Dabangg. In another video, a gay guy proposes marriage to a straight man, only to be turned down with the argument, ‘Kyunki Tum ‘He’ Ho’ ala the Aashiqui 2 song.

Karnatak (who clears at the outset that he is not from Karnataka) says he did it just for kicks. “Most people know me as a funny guy. I do a lot of funny stuff of which one was creating new meanings out of songs. Seeing the reception it got, I thought of continuing with the series,” he says.

Check out his channel here.


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