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My moment of ‘shoes’

entertainment Updated: Sep 30, 2010 00:53 IST
Genelia D'Souza

There are a few things that a girl can never have enough of: diamonds, love and shoes (especially in that order, hahaha)! Diamonds are a bit hard to come by and we are oblivious to love even when it’s right under our noses. But, the third item on this list of ‘absolutes’ gets my heart racing and pulse soaring. I could virtually stare at a pair of patent leather five-inch killer heels for hours before I sink my feet into their immeasurably painful surface!

Yes, like all true and eternal loves, the love of shoes and for shoes comes with pain, pinches, soreness and bruises. But, the returns on this love is a pleasure, a high and a feeling of such immense satisfaction that the pain just washes away and is replaced by a feeling of ’completion’ instead. Suffice to say that if Raymonds suitings make for ‘a complete man’, owning a pair of Ferragamos, Zanottis or Jimmy Choos maketh the ‘complete woman’. Alright guys, you can probably tune out from this point on as I profess my undying obsession with shoes... but think about it as well — knowing what gets girls excited could work in your favour, too! *Wink Wink*

Genelia D'SouzaSlender legs, stubby legs, short legs or even tall legs for that matter — placed firmly in a pair of killer heels, they are always a sight to behold. Not only does the height give us women towering confidence, it makes her gait graceful and you can’t deny the feeling of looking down on the world — like a queen surveying her kingdom. Stilettos, wedges, heels — call them what you like. They have that easy knack of instantly transforming you into a sexy, alluring, confident girl. I’m not lying when I say that they get you noticed — there’s a subtle eroticism attached to heels that flat shoes can never compete with.

Soon after I exchanged my sports shoes for my first pair of classic six-inch black heels, I experienced a kind of weird deja-vu. This was years back, but that ‘moment of shoes... oops.... truth’ is quite fresh in my mind. It was an exciting, heady rush, the beginning of a torrid love affair. I’d met my soul-mate and the shoe fetish had begun.

The film that I’m shooting for currently — Urumi — requires me to play a warrior-princess and I’ve been doing all my stunts either barefoot or in flat, jute shoes. DUH! They didn’t really have killer heels in the 15th century. The action and sword-fighting sequences have made me accept and learn grace the flat-footed way. But, I’m missing the painful comfort of my Jimmy Choos every single day!

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