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New developments

entertainment Updated: Dec 13, 2010 15:57 IST

I caved in. Three months ago I got a call, “Lad, what are you up to these days?”. I know what he is leading to, but I can’t lie to a big producer like that. I say, “Nothing much”. “So keep your dates free for the next 15 days, I have something big and interesting coming up for you. I’ll call you then.” “Sure, sure, I’ll do that,” I say. I know what they have in mind to offer me; I don’t want to do it and at the same time I can’t reject it outright. So I think I’ll leave the decision up to ‘future Lo Lad’ and let him decide what to do when the call comes.

Fifteen days later, I was watching a sitcom episode on my laptop and the phone rang. His number flashed and suddenly ‘future Lo Lad’ no longer existed, it was up to me to think of ways to politely reject his proposal. In the meantime the phone stopped ringing. Phew. “That was a close shave, now what do when he calls again?” I went back to watching the sitcom.

Next day, his casting director finally conned me into picking up the phone by calling from the landline. So I had to go to their office to hear what they had in store for me. Once there, the casting guy said, “We are coming up with a prime time show to replace one of the leading shows currently. Sir wants you to play one of the main leads. There’s no need to audition, we will take your final look test with the clothes etc.” “What!” I said to myself and suddenly stopped thinking of ways to get out of this meeting as quickly as possible. “So cool, I’m one of the main guys?”, “Yes”, “And I don’t need to audition for it?”, “Yes”. “Cool, but I never wanted to do serials, so you’ll have to give me some time to think about it.”

Ten minutes later, I was in the big man’s office. “So Lo Lad, why do you want to think about this, it’s a good role.” “For sure, sir, just that I didn’t imagine that I’d be offered such a thing. At the same time, I don’t want to reject this, so I’ll need a few days to think about it.” “You have till day after,” he said.

By the time I came out of his cabin, I was already counting the money I’d make shooting 20-25 days a month. By the time I shook hands with the casting guy, the writer, assistant writer, junior producer, receptionist and the guy who gave me


(I was so overwhelmed that I shook hands with whoever came in my way) and left the office, I’ve already bought a Clarin’s face wash and toner (it’s bloody expensive), new shoes, new work out gloves, a microwave and a gaming laptop. I haven’t said ‘yes’ yet, though.

The next day, I went to their office and the first words that came of my mouth were, “So what are you willing to pay me per day?” (Follow more on this development, as and when it happens)


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