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Tenzing Dakpa, 25, artist, Safdarjung Enclave

Gangtok, Sikkim
College Delhi College of Art
Occupation Photographer
Facebook friends 349
Best website
Favourite book quarterly published photography magazine Foam. Not much of a reader.
Favourite film Breaking the Waves by Lars von Trier
Favourite Bollywood film Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro by Kundan Shah
Favourite quote The world is a book and if you don’t travel you only read a page.
Favourite dish Shyaphalay from Yo! Tibet, Safdarjung Enclave
Favourite store CMYK in Lodhi Road
Favourite activity on Sunday Watching movies
Cantonese Cuisine or Mughlai Cuisine Cantonese
Favourite word What’s up?
Brush or Comb Brush
Sneakers or Slippers Sneakers
Whiskey or Wine Whiskey whiskey
Boxers or Briefs Boxers
Old Delhi or New Delhi New Delhi
Favourite dive bar Dokebi Nara Korean Restaurant, Paharganj
Favourite Indian fashion trend Kurtas
Who does your hair Myself
Who inspires you my mentor, photographer Bharat Sikka
Your muse Travelling
Your guilty pleasure Cameras
Your last regret purchase Pentax 67 that broke, which cost me Rs. 25,000
Best thing you’ve ever bought My Macbook pro
Delhi summer or Delhi winter Winter
Pet causes Free Tibet
Pet peeve Men scratching their crotches
Favourite spot in Delhi Deer Park, Safdarjung Enclave
Would love to have dinner with photographer Jeff Wall
Money in your wallet Rs. 500
You can never have too many Photographs
Craziest thing you’ve ever done Broke and Lodged in a Chai Dukan serving tea, Rishikesh
The one thing you can’t live without my girlfriend, Vez
Who or what inspires you the Internet
Favourite song right now Psyche by Massive Attack
Best thing about Delhi Centrally-located city of India, ideal for backpackers

As told to Surabhi Chauhan


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