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People in the city

Here is something about Quincy Kendall Charles, a Kathak Dancer, choreographer and innovator.

entertainment Updated: May 31, 2011 01:49 IST
Vaishali bhambri

Here is something about Quincy Kendall Charles, a Kathak Dancer, choreographer and innovator.

Hometown London
College University of Kent, UK (Bsc Honours in Pure Mathematics)
Occupation Kathak Dancer, choreographer and innovator
Favourite book Make The Most of Your Mind, by Tony Buzan
Favourite quote What goes around comes around twice as hard
Sexual preference Tall handsome Indian men
Sandals or sneakers Sandals
Beer or wine Wine any day
Why Kathak To me it’s a journey towards reaching the almighty
Who Does Your Hair No one, I’ve shaved it all off
Who inspires you My Mother
Best thing that has ever been gifted to you A Rosetta Stone Language CD, I’m a huge fan of languages
Favourite band Coldplay
The best thing about Indian classical dance To me it is the most complete art form
Delhi summer or winter Delhi winter. I am most definitely a winter person, but it helps to have someone to snuggle up to
Favourite spot in Delhi The Living Room in Hauz Khas village
One memorable moment of your life My housemate brought home one of my exes to take to bed. At that moment, I decided to write a book about my dramatic experiences living in Delhi, so stay tuned
Would love to have dinner with... Shah Rukh Khan. Does that include dessert as well?
Money in your wallet at the moment I have my lucky 100-rupee note and I am hoping it’s going to bring me more Craziest thing you’ve ever done When my grandmother passed away in 2007 in Trinidad, I flew the next day from the island back to London, immediately resigned from my job, and then turned right around and flew back to Trinidad — all in 78 hours!
Your opinion about reality shows They suck
One thing you can’t live without Riding my red and blue Bajaj 2006 scooter, his name is Christopher
Who is your music icon Diana Ross without a doubt
Facebook friends more than 3,000 and counting
The best thing about Delhi The Landlords, lol!
Favourite food item I love Ghee
One performance that you still remember Performing for the Queen of England and the President of India at Buckingham Palace
Do you hold classes? Life is a classroom
What is your greatest ambition? To star in a Bollywood film as a Kathak dancer, that would be a dream come true
Where did you learn this art form from? I discovered it in the West Indies, carried on in London and now in the final year of my Masters, at the Delhi Kathak Kendra.

His journey
A graduate from the United Kingdom with a Bachelor of Science degree in pure Mathematics, Quincy has been a Kathak dancer for more than 17 years. He is currently based in Delhi. He is also trained in Hindustani classical vocal, pakhawaj (drums) and yoga. He has participated in many festivals in India and abroad, including the Edinburgh festival UK, Aarhus Festival in Denmark and the Leela festival Montpellier (France). He also performed at Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s baton relay as part of the Commonwealth Games.

Learn Kathak from him
He shares the beauty of Kathak through touring, performing, workshops and teaching with an open heart to all those who share an interest anywhere in the world. He currently conducts Kathak classes for kids and adults.
Where: At his residence in Lajpat Nagar
Fee: Rs 560 per hour
Tel: 9971021637
Booking for the classes can also be made on his website