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Quiet like that

entertainment Updated: May 04, 2009 17:05 IST

It’s fun to wake up to the smell of Irish coffee.. but that’s only once in a while. If you have someone like Madhu my Mottu Maid, she will make you wake up to its smell everyday. Ah! I hate Mots for that. So, I’ve instructed her to create a new menu ASAP.. because I think variety keeps one going. With that thought in mind, let’s get down to what we do best.. discuss hot goss from tinselville.

Week after week, I’ve been hearing and telling you about Ms Katrina Kaif.. so much so that now I’m fed up of hearing about her. I’ve told my trade-knowalls also that if they hear anything about her, they should turn deaf right there and then. But I’m telling you about her because she’s shooting with my darlingest Akshay Kumar in Singapore for Priyadarshan’s De Dana Dan.. Dhan Dhan Dhan.

Now, I’m told Katji has begun keeping to herself. She doesn’t talk to anyone on the sets and looks visibly sad. She doesn’t even interact much with her four-five-films ka co-star Akshay Kumar. He had been promoting her at one point and now, she doesn’t want to talk to him. Hmm. Something brewing there, methinks. I’ve put my jaasoos, Garamchand, on the job. Will keep ya posted!

Pasand napasand
Hmm. I know a lot of people who love going on this chehrakitaab site and making friends. Some of them, I’m told, also make friends with random people they don’t know and some use it to promote their boyfriends and girlfriends. But I know this girl who’s just two films old, who chooses friends too cautiously. Sonam Kapoor that is.. what did you think? She doesn’t apparently accept friend requests because she doesn’t want outsiders to see her private messages and pictures. So, she chooses her friends on the networking site.. people can’t choose her. Hmm.. matter of choice I guess.

Chhutti ho gayi
And I think even Kim Sharma has begun to choose what to do and not to do. Like she told me, her friend, that she would be travelling and would be back in 10 days. But she didn’t tell me that she would be in some place greener than the Amazon jungles and she would be with a rather handsome friend for close company. I’m told they even went partying quite often. Hmm.. Kimi.. not fair you didn’t tell me about your ‘just good friend.’

Advice versa
Now, I’m amazed at how quickly people erase their own history from their memories. The person in question here is a certain actor called Aftab Shivdasani aka Aafy. He hasn’t given a hit in the last century. And he’s busy advising his girlfriend, Aamna Sharif aka Aami (??), about her career, which films to accept and which ones to reject. Hmm, now if better sense prevails, she will use her own head and do what she thinks is correct. Otherwise, aage bhagwaan maalik of this Aafi-aama.

Meri saheli
Now, I don’t want to know about this hero Nikhil Dwivedi, he’s sweet though. But my friends insist I hear them out. I’m told he’s complaining to all and sundry that every time a boy is spotted with Amrita Rao, everyone assumes that it’s him. He wants to shout from roof tops that he’s not dating her. Maybe that’s why he enters and exits in Juhu area with new girlfriends as arm candies. Not that I care.. but then such is life dearies.