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Movie review: Machli Jal Ki Rani Hai is a horror to watch

If you enjoy watching films about ghostly possessions in normal households then Machhli Jal Ki... might be of some interest to you. But the horror genre in Bollywood needs a revamp. Fast.

Movie review by Rashid Irani: How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a fun-filled ride

Adapted, as was the original, from the series of children’s stories by the British author Cressida Cowell, How To Train Your Dragon 2 combines captivating characters, luminous visuals and an ace vocal cast.

Movie review by Anupama Chopra: Fugly is a misguided mess

As writer Rahul and director Kabir try to stir up Rang De Basanti-style patriotism, Fugly becomes more and more preposterous. By the end, anything is possible, including a patient with third-degree burns fighting it out with the mighty Chautala on a hospital bed.

Watch movie review: Fugly spoils ideas lifted from Rang De Basanti, Highway

Director Kabir Sadanand seems to be inspired by almost every movie he's seen in the last ten years! If only intentions were the measure of a film's success, Fugly could well be one of the top contenders. Sadly, that's the only thing that works in this film.

Movie review: How to Train Your Dragon 2 is utterly satisfying

Whether you liked How to Train Your Dragon or not, you will love this witty and stylish sequel. It has an engaging story, smart dialogues, tight script, gravity-defying aerial shots and astounding special effects - a treat for young ones and their parents alike.

Movie review: Grace of Monaco is a tale well told

Grace of Monaco is riveting, and the performances -- especially those of Kidman and Roth -- just wonderful. However, the film at its core is not a love story. Instead, it tells us about the struggle of the tiny principality against French onslaught and has political overtones.

Movie review by Sarit Ray: The World Before Her asks pertinent questions

Nisha Pahuja's documentary records the lives of two women that are so different that they are unlikely to ever cross paths. It raises more questions than it answers, but they are questions we should all be asking, writes Sarit Ray.

Movie review: Watch Un Samayal Arayil for Prakash Raj's light-hearted pathos

Performances of Prakash Raj and Elango Kumaravel will certainly impress you. However, as the film progresses, food begins to fade out, rendering the title a trifle imprecise, while escapades of the younger couple hog much of the screen time.

Movie review by Anupama Chopra: Filmistaan will sneak into your heart

Filmistaan is a delightful film. It has heart, imagination and intelligence. It is a celebration of our enduring love affair with Hindi cinema. And it is a touching exploration of the shared humanity between Indians and Pakistanis, writes Anupama Chopra.

Movie review by Rashid Irani: Edge of Tomorrow is hardly original

The premise of the film is hardly original. At best, Doug Liman's Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise adds up to a videogame-compatible diversion, writes Rashid Irani.

Movie review: Edge of Tomorrow is perfect sci-fi thriller for summertime moviegoer

Based on the 2004 Japanese novella All You Need Is Kill, Edge of Tomorrow entertains in its narrative playfulness - another entry in the burgeoning fad of puzzle-making sci-fi, as seen in Inception and Looper.

Movie review: Akshay impresses in Holiday's action sequences  

With impressive action moves, a compelling plot and taut direction, Holiday: A Soldier is Never Off Duty is a summer hit in the making. Be prepared for suspension of disbelief though!

Movie review by Rashid Irani: just for Angelina Jolie, Maleficent is a must-watch

The actor is bewitching as the titular mistress of evil in this update of Walt Disney's iconic Sleeping Beauty. Told from the perspective of the misunderstood villain, the narrative is recast as a tale of female empowerment.

Movie review: Maleficent is a perfect summer film for kids

What happens when an iconic villain that generations have grown up hating suddenly gets a heart-of-gold reincarnation? A revisionist tale that stands out for Angelina Jolie’s inspired take. Take kids for this one!

Movie review by Anupama Chopra: watch Citylights for Rajkummar Rao

In a short span of four years, Rajkummar Rao has gone from being one of the many actors in Love Sex aur Dhokha to a National Award-winning leading man. Watch his performance in Citylights to understand why.
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