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Salman gets candid

Actor-scriptwriter Salman Khan doesn’t shirk responsibility but at the same time is confident his mega-budget period film will meet expectations.

entertainment Updated: Jan 12, 2010 20:05 IST
Roshmila Bhattacharya

Salman Khan

After the superhit


the film industry’s expectations are riding on you to deliver the year’s first blockbuster with the Rs 50 crore



The figure is much higher, Rs 50 crore is just the cost of production. (Smiles) But we’ll make sure we meet expectations. Anil Sharma had made a


earlier. It was a period film too but


is a 100 times bigger in scale and grandeur. It’s a window to the future of Hindi cinema.

You admitted to being disappointed with the songs at the music release?

(Smiles) Just because I’m promoting a film doesn’t mean that

main khud ka dhindora peetun

(I blow my own trumpet). The fate of the film will be decided on January 22.

Tab dekhenge kitne taarif milti hai

(We’ll see then how much praise it gets). On my part, it felt good to get back to script writing after


. And if God forbid the film doesn’t work, I’m ready to shoulder the entire blame for its failure.

At the same function you pulled up a security guard for pushing back a child who tried to reach out to you.
(Smiles) I had a pen in my hand and there were cameras around. I wanted to drill a hole in those cameras to prove that the pen is actually mightier than the sword I wield in the film. As far as the security guard goes, sometimes these events can get a little unmanageable and these guys are hired to protect me from over-enthusiastic fans. Since they are usually looking straight at me, they are often unaware if the person trying to push through is young or old. It’s okay if it happens with a young guy who can handle being pushed around and may even like it. But if it is senior citizen or a child as in this case, they should never be treated roughly.

(Just then Katrina Kaif who is also at Mehboob Studio for an ad film shoot, strolls up and greets Salman with a kiss. They exchange a few pleasantries. As she is walking away, Salman squints at her dress and asks, “Is that what you’re wearing in front of the camera?” Katrina nods and continues on her way with Salman shouting out loud, “Pull it up a bit then,” and shrugging as he turns to face me again.)

Hey, buzz is that all’s not well between Katrina and you?
So, who was that? The press has broken me up so many times and married me off as many times too. (Shrugs) It doesn’t matter! Where were we?

Talking about Veer. What does the word mean to you?
Veer… Hmm, brave, fearless!

So, who’s the bravest person you’ve met?
Every person you meet is brave. Veer does not only mean riding a horse, wielding a sword and vanquishing an army single-handedly. Sometimes not fighting is an act of courage too as is taking on punishment. Going out to work everyday in a city like Mumbai that has had more than its share of terror attacks and accidents, not knowing if you’ll return home safe that evening, is brave too. So is staying away from all that’s bad, no matter how much the temptation, and doing at least one good deed a day. Also, respecting your seniors, juniors and contemporaries. (Smiles) I feel Veer everyday. I’m sure so does everyone else.

Talking about contemporaries, a film of another Khan is up for release within weeks of yours.
You’re talking of My Name Is Khan, right? I’ve seen the promos. I think they are excellent. I messaged Karan (producer-director Karan Johar) saying the same. I’m sure the film will do well.

You don’t Tweet or even come on Facebook
I’m not very computer savvy but I’m active on my blog. I write a lot about Veer.

Ever thought of replacing Shah Rukh Khan as the King of Twitter’ given that Wanted has made you a wanted star too.
I’m not here to replace anyone. I’m just an ordinary guy who has been fortunate to bridge the gap between the classes and masses. That’s helped me to hang in there.