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Seeking perfection

entertainment Updated: Jun 05, 2010 12:23 IST
Abhinav Bindra

It is a proven fact that all genius and excellence comes on a different wavelength and level of commitment... This also applies to the sporting world. I am no genius, but I believe I am also now on a different wavelength. It’s been a slow transformation but once I had set a target for myself, it became a life changing aspiration.

Earlier this week, I began to reflect upon my journey. How did I end up where I am today? How did a 10 air rifle go from being a hobby to sport to a profession to an extreme obsession? Everything I do is connected to shooting and to how it can improve MY shooting. That’s when I realised how progressively obsessive I have become! Over the years I have attempted conventional methods to improve my technique, but as I progressed to higher standards, my “experiments” became increasingly “out of the box” and could sometimes be firmly categorised as bizarre!

I am a perfectionist, and have attempted various options way before they became mainstream, primarily through experimentation. For example, this new rage of “fitness shoes” that aid the process by the simple act of walking — I got mine 4 years ago. I have also gone into designing my own customised shooting shoes that are completely different from the norm. My latest craze is to project the movie Avatar onto my shooting target while practicing so as to improve my focus.

I constantly seek a new “edge” and my friends are often amused. They sometimes tell me I’m crazy. Maybe I am? A gym full of toys, a shooting range full of gun gadgets... even my pad is crowded with physiological and psychological applications! Excellence and passion are intertwined, and passion comes at a price. One has to constantly reinvent, constantly raise ones own bar. Sometimes in the quest for never ending perfection, innovation leads one from the sublime to the ridiculous... and everything that falls in between!