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Take your seat: This 'anti-loneliness' chair can give a comforting hug

The 'tranquility chair' made by Japanese company is built in the shape of a larger-than-life fabric doll with a friendly face and a fetching hat. But more importantly, it has long arms that wrap around the user in an affectionate embrace. Hug, anyone?

A first: Viagra ads that target women to hit American TV

The maker of the world's top-selling erectile dysfunction drug on Tuesday will begin airing the first Viagra TV commercial in America that targets the less-obvious sufferers of the sexual condition: women.

Buddymoons to minimoons: How newlyweds are honeymooning

Many couples are skipping the two-week honeymoon abroad in favor of a shorter vacation closer home and saving the larger vacation for later in the year. Many couples are also embarking on Maxi or YOLO - You Only Live Once - moons. Other ideas and trends for time-crunched couples with every kind of budget.

Breaking good: Nine tips to get divorced 'on good terms'

A psychologist has come up with nine tips that he claims can help achieve an 'amicable divorce.'

When 'yes is yes': Now, an app that lets users 'give consent' for sex

A new phone app has been created to solve the problem of date rape and sexual assault by allowing users to give 'consent' prior to sex.

Decoded: What men and women really look for in a spouse

According to a survey, 62 % percent of men said that finding a partner who shared similar ideas about having and raising children was the most desirable trait in a future spouse.
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Laws of attraction: Your voice might just give away how attracted you are

According to a new study, heterosexual men and women modulate their speaking voices when they are attracted to a member of the opposite sex. The study has shown that men in particular tend to lower their voices when speaking to women they deem attractive.

Want a rocking sex life? Know how to get there

According to the survey by, 12 % of the participants believed that using a mobile app have led to a better sex life. Read to know more.

Heated argument with spouse can lead to intense sex at 10pm: Study

Do you know where does a heated argument with your spouse lead to? Straight to bed, if the argument began in the evening hours. According to a fascinating study, a massive argument with your partner is a sure shot way to end between the sheets at 10 pm in the night.

To fast, too soon: Couples who meet online likely to break-up

Are you looking for a spouse or a companion on social media? Be careful, in both the cases, as it may result in a speedy break-up. New study shows higher break-up rates for couples who met online compared to offline whether they were in marital or non-marital romantic relationships.

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