Sharon Stone recalls her struggle after brain hemorrhage, 13 years ago

  • PTI, Los Angeles
  • Updated: Dec 18, 2014 16:47 IST

Actor Sharon Stone said she struggled a lot post her massive brain hemorrhage 13 years ago.

The Basic Instinct star said that she spent two years in coming to terms, said the Hollywood Reporter.

"I spent two years learning to walk and talk again. I came home from that stroke stuttering, couldn't read for two years," Stone said.

"I don't need someone to make me feel bad about growing older. I'll tell you what makes you feel bad: when you think you might not," she added.

Stone, 56, said now shes doing well, which she credits to her hard work and determination to thrive.

"Perhaps another reason for the way I look is that I don't drink. Any alcohol. I've watched actors and actresses go off the rails with drugs and alcohol for years. Particularly when it all happens so fast when you're young.

"I want to feel all my feelings, to have every feeling a person can have and never not feel it. Now I'm a big tea drinker, though rarely ones with caffeine. I have an apothecary of tea," she added.

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