Sonakshi Sinha rubbishes reports of teary tiff with Salman at Arpita Khan wedding

  • Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Nov 28, 2014 13:36 IST

On Thursday (November 27), a report suggested that Sonakshi Sinha was reduced to tears at Arpita Khan’s wedding reception after an alleged argument with Salman Khan.

But Sonakshi slammed the report, and cleared the air by posting a comment on a social networking portal.

“And the award for best fiction goes to (reporter name) from (publication name). You have to read the rubbish he has written today (sic).”

Some Bollywood stars tend to be diplomatic about controversies, and choose not to react. Sonakshi Sinha isn’t one of them. Last month, she took to Instagram to lash out against those who criticise her for her weight.

Then, very recently, when Kamaal R Khan (KRK) dragged her name into a “biggest butt” survey of his own, she retorted sharply, tweeting that he should be “given 4 tight slaps”.

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