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‘Star kids don’t need big banners’

Moushmi Chatterjee’s daughter, Megha, on her lacklustre debut...

entertainment Updated: Sep 10, 2009 20:58 IST
Prema K

Moushmi Chatterjee’s daughter, Megha, on her lacklustre debut...Megha

Why Ruslaan?

I could have waited for a bigger film but there’s no guarantee that the film would be good or fare well. Then, there’s the chance of being overshadowed when you are a part of a big star cast and you could get lazy. With Ruslaan, I knew I had to put in effort. Hard work pays off in the long run.

How did Ruslaan happen?
(Shrugs) Just like that. I was working in an event management and modelling agency, when I got a call from director Mohan Sharma. He had seen my picture with my mum at a party.

He was convinced that I could be his Samayra in Ruslaan. The timing was perfect. My office was shutting down for two months. I didn’t want to sit idle at home. I liked Samayra.

Go on…
(Smiles) She’s self-reliant, crazy, a bully and isn’t swayed by emotions. I used to be like that five years ago. Though she comes from a well-to-do Muslim family, Samayra is independent, strong-headed and knows exactly what she wants.

Like her, I too want to achieve things on my own steam. I didn’t bag Ruslaan because I’m Moushmi Chatterjee’s daughter or the late Hemant Kumar’s granddaughter.

Another girl in your place would have wanted to be launched with a home production.
I found it challenging to work with a new setup and cast. Very rarely do star kids get an opportunity like this. Perhaps it will set off a new trend by proving that star kids don’t need big banners.

Newcomers always get romantically linked. So is anything brewing between Rajveer Sharma and you?
(Laughs) We started out by giving each other cold vibes, now we are friends. But recently, after I read an article that insinuated that we were seeing each other, I’ve become a little cautious when I’m with him. But then I realised I can’t stop living because people gossip.

Are you open to playing glam characters?
I don’t know what I’m going to do next. I don’t even know how good an actress I am. I’m open to playing flamboyant characters but I’m not sure about skin show. It would depend on how it’s shot.

How about Bengali films?
I’ve already done one and am open to good offers.