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Surfers react to Tiger Woods' sexcapades

The world is in shock owing to what Woods has done and admitted to have done. Sample surfers' rections.

entertainment Updated: Dec 18, 2009 13:57 IST

Given the choice and the option, every man wants to do what Tiger did. Its just that he had the opportunity to do it and most of us dont get that. Stop being hypocrites.
- Sid

He revels like Krishna of mahabharata epic and was sure no one will be able to touch him taking into account his international fame earned through playing golf,but alas he has been caught red-handed resulting in unaccounted embarrasment to his family. Hence,he should be banned for playing golf in future,so that other public figure should take lesson from it.
- Lalan Singh Dhinda, Patna

Well Done Nike - Tiger cant stop doing it !!!
- V M, Pune

Tiger Woods should've been wiser. He's a family man. What was he thinking?
-Radhika Sindhu, Mumbai

He is a great golfer and a human being. For god's sake don't crucify the guy. He's all right kinda guy.
-Jignesh Patel, Ahmedabad

His wife new all about these women. She knew his wild ways. Eveyone on the circuit was aware. But she will walk out on him because she'll get more publicity this way.
-No name, Panaji

Man! how did he get away with all this rubbish
- Shirish, New Delhi

He's guilty as charged. His wife should leave him. This is obnoxious.
- Rensil, Mumbai

Whatever happened to monogamy? He is a sex addict. He needs medical help.
- I care, Chennai