Bigg Boss 7: Kushal is the new captain

  • Kamya and Armaan are definitely not enjoying each other's wonderful company right here.

  • Armaan's outburst in Bigg Boss 7.

  • Golden girl Gauahar is having a bad day at Bigg Boss. Man down?

  • Wet wrestling? Is that okay on national TV?

  • Sangram trying a Matrix at the Katghara?

  • Ooh shouting match! Tanisha - 1, Gauahar - 0.

  • Tanisha holds ground at the Katghara, accuses Gauahar of bias.

  • Kamya sips her coffee alone. Plotting? We hope not.

  • Gauahar breaks down after over-working herself. Oh, drama, drama.

  • Shilpa and Tanisha trying to make amends?

On Friday night, we will see a new captain in the house. Tonight's episode also shows predictions for the finalists in Bigg Boss 7.

The day begins with Andy picking fight with Elli and Sangram. He tells Sangram that he is very upset and does not need his help anymore. On the other hand, Gauhar tries to reason out with Kushal and asks him if everything is perfect. Kushal fails to convince her despite saying several times that he is fine.

While discussing Salman's warning about her behaviour, Tanisha tells Armaan that there is nothing wrong in being each other’s confidants. 

As Apoorva's captaincy comes to an end, Elli, Armaan and Kushal are nominated for election to captaincy. The nominations are decided after Apoorva gives those three names as those who made his captaincy tougher. Kushal is later elected the new captain of the house.

Later in the day, the inmates are asked to perform havan in the garden area throughout the night. Also, two inmates need to be present near the Havan Kund.

Face reader Janardhan Baba pays a visit to Bigg Boss house to predict the future of the inmates. Bada also predicts the four finalists of Bigg Boss inside the confession room. 

Catch the fun at 9pm tonight.


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