Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha argues with Armaan, Aijaz irritates Gauhar

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    A still from Bigg Boss 7.

  • Apoorva Agnihotri and Armaan Kohli

    Apoorva gets a new haircut as part of the weekly luxury budget task in Bigg Boss house. Armaan Kohli and Asif play the harstylist for ...

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    The big swap in Bigg Boss.

  • Bigg Boss.

    The big swap in Bigg Boss.

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    Shilpa finally smiles after hours of crying over the new haircut of her husband Apoorva.

  • Bigg Boss 7.

    A still from Bigg Boss 7.

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    Akshay Kumar visited Bigg Boss 7 for promoting his film Boss.

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    Kamya Punjabi and Kushal in Bigg Boss 7 house.

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Tanisha may have had a tussle with Kushal but she seems to be taking his words quite seriously. Kushal had said that Tanisha and Armaan’s friendship is not looking good on TV. Tanisha appears to be standing up to Armaan’s brutish behavior nowadays. 

On Wednesday, we see her as a member of the rival team which made Armaan do dips and hand-stands despite his back problem. She even pointed out his failures.

A day after the Hukumat team – comprising Andy, Tanisha, Aijaz and Sangram – targeted Armaan, the tables are turned.

On Wednesday's episode, the Hukumat team is now the Virodhi team and Armaan, Kushal, Kamya and Gauhar comprise the new Hukumat team. 

Each task that the Hukumat team proposes is debated for a long time by the Virodhi team, losing points for both the sides.

The first task is for Aijaz but the inmates get into a heated discussion as Aijaz hides in the washroom. Andy is then given the task of doing hand-stand and 50 dips in four minutes. Andy attempts the feat but fails as Sofia later announces that she couldn’t hear the count (of dips) as everyone was shouting during the task. She also could not keep a track of the time.

Aijaz is then asked to go bald in three minutes, but he refuses to do it and his teammates engage in another debate.

Despite the orders of Bigg Boss asking Sofia to play the referee as the captain, she seems to be taking sides in the game. Gauhar, Kamya, Armaan and Kushal notice that Sofia tends to ignore each time the other team falters.

Armaan gets into a fight with Sofia when Aijaz tries to shy away from a head shave. Armaan tells Sofia that she should take care the teams do not waste time. To this, Tanisha says there are no time-limitations. Armaan and Tanisha continue their arguments even as Sofia chooses to walk off.

Gauhar and Sofia, later, enter a fight when the former points out that the captain (Sofia) should pay attention that the Virdohi team is simply wasting time. Sofia retorts saying, “Don't tell me what to do." Gauhar seems especially angry that Aijaz did not complete the task she planned for him.

When the complete Hukumat team begins arguing, Tanisha even points out that Armaan took a lot of time, blaming his injuries for the delay.

The Hukumat team argues that they completed all the tasks that were given but the Virodhi team is just whiling away the time. After Sangram, Aijaz and almost everyone wastes time and refuse to do any task, Gauhar announces that her team will boycott the task. Kamya, Armaan and Kushal soon agree with her and boycott the task. 

Kamya and Kushal do not have a fight with Sofia but neither is happy and they continue taunting the captain.

Virodhi team ends up as the winner as they manage to evade most of the tasks set up by their rivals.

Catch the drama at 9pm tonight.

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