Bigg Boss 7: Who'll get the ticket to grand finale?

  • Kamya and Armaan are definitely not enjoying each other's wonderful company right here.

  • Armaan's outburst in Bigg Boss 7.

  • Golden girl Gauahar is having a bad day at Bigg Boss. Man down?

  • Wet wrestling? Is that okay on national TV?

  • Sangram trying a Matrix at the Katghara?

  • Ooh shouting match! Tanisha - 1, Gauahar - 0.

  • Tanisha holds ground at the Katghara, accuses Gauahar of bias.

  • Kamya sips her coffee alone. Plotting? We hope not.

  • Gauahar breaks down after over-working herself. Oh, drama, drama.

  • Shilpa and Tanisha trying to make amends?

With just two weeks left for Bigg Boss to end, and eight housemates remaining, the competition to gain direct entry to the Bigg Boss grand finale gets intense.

Bigg Boss gives an opportunity to housemates to secure a position in the show’s Grand Finale with the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task.

The best of the previous tasks are re-introduced.

The teams
Two teams are made. Team A consists of Armaan, Tanisha, Andy and Sangram while Team B includes Kushal, Gauhar, Kamya and Aijaz.

At the end of the task, the winning team is given the power to knock out the weakest performer of the opposition team only if they have a valid justification.
The task
The first task Samay Pe Pehra is launched where the contestants are asked to keep a tab of every minute by manually counting it with the aid of the clock and announce the correct time at the end of every hour. The second one to be launched is the Shaitan Aur Farishte task where both the teams have to steal medals of the opposition team while protecting theirs.

Who won, who lost
Armaan’s team wins the first and the second task and strike out two names that get dropped from the race of finale. The third and the final task for the day is ‘Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa’ where the both the teams are given an hour to order tasks for the opposition team to carry out. Each team gains points basis on the tasks they say yes to. After struggling through the previous tasks, Team B finally wins this one and knocks out a member from the opposition team.
Who will be that one lucky person who is destined to get the ticket to finale?


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